We held the 3rd 1 minute projection mapping competition at the Zushi elementally school in Zushi-shi, Kanagawa prefecture same as last year. It was shown for two days from Sep. 20(Sat) to 21(Sun) as a main event of the media art festival called “MEDIARTS ZUSHI 2014”, and the number of visitors exceeded last year in a total more than 4,000 people in two days.
In addition, the 37 record-high entries were sent from more than 10 countries and areas. The competition is gaining a lot of attention globally.

This year’s theme is “WA”. “WA(和)” represents Japan herself and things Japanese. We would like participants to think not only this meaning but also other meaning of “WA” such as harmony(調和), peace(平和), circle(輪)and link(輪).

●Place:Zushi Bunka Plaza Festival Park
●Time:18:30〜(18:00 open)、20:00〜(19:30 close)
※Admission free. An entrance ticket is required.

The following are 16works that were shown.
※The list of works are their entry order.

【 no title 】Maxime Guislain(Belgium) 【 no title 】Full Screen Studio(Hungary)
【 Flowing Entities 】Javier Sanchez(Mexico) 【 SNEEZING MAN/くしゃみ男 】NOBISHIRO(Japan)
【 Infected/Affected 】Leandro Mendes VJ Vigas
【 Mismatch Negativity 】Precyzja – Hader/Rudnicki
【 VIETo 】Echelon 8(France) 【 夜の鳥 】古郡 唯希(Japan)
【 WA 】Extended Studio(Poland) 【 Armonia 】AVA-Pedro Narvaez & Emma Lopez
【 small World 】963 × peko peko no pelo(Japan) 【 Geometric Harmony 】Vj Eletroiman(Brazil)
【 WA 】Oriol Pastor /(Spain) 【 Budo 】VJZARIA(Brazil)
【 The Summer Fest 】413‐Eighty(Hong Kong) 【 Nature Within 】Metamind Visual
(Costa Rica)


Ryuichi Hirai
The Mayor of Zushi.Born in Zushi City in 1966. Zushi Elementary School(Soccer club), Kuki Junior High School(Track and field club), Kanagawa Prefectural Yokosuka High School(Track and field club), School of Social Sciences, Waseda University (Exploration club),
1989-Ask Planning Center Co., Ltd. (Yacht club) President’s secretary and corporate Planning office,1998-Elected for a Zushi city council member for three consecutive terms,2006-The Mayor of Zushi.
Tomoyuki Sugiyama
Digital Hollywood University President / Doctor of engineering
Graduate School of Science and Technology, Nippon University
Assistant of faculty of Science and Technology, Nippon University, architectural sound design by the computer simulation.1987-Went to the U.S. /Visiting researcher at MIT Media Lab/ Chief researcher at the International Media Research Foundation/ Full-time lecturer at Nippon University junior college.
1994- Founded Digital Hollywood,2003-Founded Graduate School,2004-Founded University, Present-President of Digital Hollywood University Books:「Cool Japan- Japan which the world wants to buy」(Shodensha)and many others.
Ryotaro Muramatsu
Artist / NAKED Inc. Representative
Be active extensively regardless of genre including TV/Advertisement/MV/Space Production
Released 4 feature-length films at movie theaters, including short films which were nominated 48th times and awarded at International film festivals.
Major works: 3D Projection mapping at Tokyo Station ”TOKYO HIKARI VISION”, Tokyo National Museum Special exhibition “Rakuchu Rakugai-zu(Kyoto-views in and around the city of Kyoto) and the beauty of the wall paintings” Projection Mapping『KARAKURI』and many others.
NAKED Inc. →
Tetsuo Yamashige
Zushi Art Festival Art Director / NAKANOJO BIENNALE general director
Born in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1975. Resident in Gunma Prefecture. 2007-Started up “NAKANOJO BIENNALE. Resident in Nakanojo since 2010. Produced Creative Communication Center TUMUJI. NAKANOJO BIENNALE general director. Engages in community-buildings by centering on the art.
Zushi Art Festival HP →
Nakanojo Biennale HP →
Michiyuki Ishita
MEDI-ARTZ General Producer / Projection Mapping Association of Japan President
President of general incorporated foundation Projection Mapping Association of Japan –Also be active as a producer of music/art events, image creator, space producer. A pioneer of the space direction using pictures in Japan. Many activities overseas including lectures and performances at Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London and Media Art Museum “Le CUBE” in France, and in charge of direction of Guggenheim Museum in Spain.Started up “Zushi Media Art Festival” (present Media Arts Zushi) in Zushi city, Kanagawa Prefecture with Projection mapping and media art.

Pay attention to the guest work!
Japan’s first try to evolve projection mapping.
The last year’s grand prix FRIGHTGRAF will join us as a guest creator this year. They will show a projection mapping which is based on a technique of the stereoscopic vision called anaglyph. We need to wear glasses when we watch it. There are still few examples in the world, and there are only indoor and small works in Japan. It becomes the first Japanese trial to show projection mapping of the stereoscopic vision to a building.

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