Q: Are there any cases where my work won’t be accepted?

We may judge the following contents not suitable for screening and may not accept them. Please also double confirm the “Notes on application” described in the work application guidelines.
*The “resolution” below corresponds to the final data delivery

  • Ignoring the template or incorrect resolution
  • If the video has a strong religious and political message
  • If the video has bloody context
  • If the video makes the audience uncomfortable
  • If the video is a promotion video for personal or corporate
  • Other things that are not considered to be established as a work

Please note that works judged to fall under these categories will be excluded from the screening and will not be screened or recorded at the venue.

Q: In the description, the first selection is a full HD submission. However, is it possible to be in the form of an explanation of concept or a reel?


For the first selection, not only the concept but the projection mapping elements and production skills will be evaluated, so please submit the finished product.

Q:  What format should I send the video data for the first screening?

Video data for the first screening is preferred light data such as h264/mp4/mov since it will be used as a preview.

Q: How can I get a 2D & 3D format that can be used for production?

There will be automated email reply when you apply for the competition which gives you information on how to download the template.
It is quite common that applicants accidentally register with a mistake in their email address (such as missing a character etc.) which causes the mail to not be delivered properly.
In that case, please contact us.

<Contact form>


Q: Is there any part in the template that isn’t actually projected?


The part inside the yellow frame will not be projected. All the other places will be projected so please use them in your content creation.

Q: Will the image appear clearly on the parts that are marked in green? And will the shadow of the building affect the animation?


A: Regarding the shadow, as we are using multiple projectors to project each relevant part from multiple positions, we plan to make sure that the shadows of the building do not appear as much as possible. However, because of the shadow, if the audience watch it from the side, they might not be able to see some parts. If it is viewed from the front, it will be fine.

Regarding the center of the building, since it will be projected from the front (from a long distance), it will be projected to some extent. However, the projected part will be quite at the back which will affect the quality of the projection. For the other parts, they are made of materials and color (dark color) that will make it difficult to project image properly as well. Therefore, the quality of the image that is projected on those part will be reduced. Please understand that these area are not suitable for severe expression when you are creating your video as the image projected on these area will not be as clear.

Q: Will the image look different when it is actually projected?

The appearance will be slightly different because a part of the template is masked for projection; please refer to the projection simulation compositions in After Effects. Please do not change the 3D or 2D format specifications of the template for the final export.
Please do not export from the composition of the projection simulation, as the mask of the building will be adjusted on site.

Q: What format should I send the final delivery data in?

Regarding the final submission data, please make sure that it is rendered in a resolution of 6656 x 1920 pixel in a format HAP. before submission. The final format will be converted to a format optimized for projection by the management. Please also send us the video exported from the “Projection_Preview” composition in the After Effects distribution template at the same time, so that we can smoothly check it at the management side.

Q: There is a statement that the “voice data of the team name and title name” is to be submitted, but how should I send it?

The pronunciation of team name and title in English is used as a reference. It can be done with a simple recording using a smartphone etc. Therefore, please record how you actually pronounce it. Please attach it in a format of mp3 or wav.

Q: How should I download the template data from the download link?


Please download by referring to the image below.