1minute Projection Mapping Winners’ Exhibition

One of the world’s best projection mapping and light experience

The 1minute Projection Mapping Competition, one of the world’s largest international projection mapping competitions, was held this September and announced its 11th winner.
The creators who won this competition have gone on to win other international competitions and have been invited to various festivals, and are now active all over the world as top creators. The 10 winners will create new projection mapping works, and a special exhibition will be held to bring them together.
This exhibition is a show worthy of being called one of the world’s highest level of projection mapping, as visitors will be challenged to create hybrid expressions that include not only images but also lasers and moving lights. Please come and experience the creators who have made the history of projection mapping along with this competition and their wonderful works.

Event Name ~ 1minute Projection Mapping Competition Winners’ Exhibition ~
Schedule 2023, Nov.10th (Fri) ~ Nov.12th (Sun)
Venue Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery and Rubber-ball Baseball Ground at Meijijingu Gaien (1-1 Kasumigaoka-machi, Shinjuku-ku)
Access http://1minute-pm.com/access/
Program [Winners’ Exhibition] The 10 Grand Prize winners from one of the world’s largest international projection mapping competition “1minute Projection Mapping Competition” have gathered!
This is the “Winners’ Exhibition” where you can see all of their works at once.
This is the first time TOKYO LIGHTS will be working on top-of-the-line video production using a combination of projection mapping, lasers, and moving lights, by 10 top creators who are active at the forefront of the world.
You can experience a valuable three-dimensional art that can only be seen at the Seitoku Memorial Picture Gallery for three days only. Be sure to experience the spectacular video show that takes place in the gigantic Seitoku Memorial Picture Gallery, which is 112m wide and 32m high! (Held as the main content of the light festival “TOKYO LIGHTS 2023”)
Running Time 【Nov.10th (Fri))~ Nov.12th (Sun)】 17;00 Open / 21:00 Close (3 times Replacement system)

【Winners’ Exhibition】
1st session 17:30~18:10
2nd session 18:50~19:30
3rd session 20:10~20:50

【Festival of Light Area】
17:00 Open / 21:00 close (3 times replacement system)

Entrance Fee International Competition Area:free
Festival of Light Area:free
(Prior reservation necessary)

Application page on the link below

Winners’ Exhibition screening work introduction

※Title / Team Name / Country or Region Name

※★ Creator / Artist name  │ Grand Prize Winning Year / Country – Region

★ EPER DIGITAL │ 2022 / Hungary

Work Title:Fragments

We will continue to explore what connects humans and machines, digital and material?
Through music, how do contradictory things come into harmony and how do they interact with the space and objects?

★ THE FOX, THE FOLKS │ 2021 / Indonesia

Work Title:HAPPY? HAPPY!

Happy? Happy! , expresses the joy of living that is often forgotten. Happiness comes from unexpected events and interactions with people. The angry tiger looks back on himself, participates in parades and parties, and spreads his happiness to those around him. Even if something unpredictable happens, it may lead to new fun!

★ Julia Shamsheieva │ 2019 / Ukraine

Work Title:WINDOW TO U

This work is part of a series dedicated to the transformation of the world, and Japan’s support for Ukraine is a symbol of bonds that transcend distance and cultural differences. I dedicate this work to Fuminori Tsuchiko, who moved from Tokyo to Kharkiv to help the people of Ukraine, and to all those who could not remain indifferent to this great tragedy.
Kindness knows no borders, and if we all work together, we can change the world.

★ Li Cheng │ 2018 / China

Work Title:Magic Space

Flowers and plants receive various energies from the earth and air to grow, bloom, and leave seeds.

Behind the beauty of flowers is a connection with everything in their environment. This invisible energy is
Flowers magically bloom, delighting our eyes and giving us strength and hope.

★ Antaless Visual Design │ 2017 / Italia


The theme is deconstructivist architecture, which is a school of post-modern architecture, and we challenge our own architectural limitations of expressing the space by transforming objects, materials, and structures, and reflecting the decomposition process carried out in deconstructivist architecture on the exterior.

Deconstruction is not just a technique or a disturbing structure.

★ EuroVideoMapping │ 2016 / Germany & Ukraine

Work Title:Vinculum

A long time ago, life that came from outer space was born on Earth. Life with common roots has evolved, but the new life forms surrounding us have many things in common and are connected by invisible networks.
Through this link we communicate and exchange information and life energy.

★ Neba Studio │ 2015 / Macao


The motif is “Ouroboros”, a symbol of ancient mythology. The snake eating its tail represents a link that has no beginning or end, and symbolizes eternal cycles, rebirth, infinity, and endless connections.
It links with the world, nature, life and death, and asks how humans should connect with the world.

★ Maxim Guislain │ 2014 / Belgium

Work Title:Butterfly effect

Everything is connected. Even the simple flapping of a butterfly’s wings can have big consequences. This project explores how this butterfly influences buildings, setting off a chain reaction that evolves building facades and transports us through time and into different environments.

★ FLIGHTGRAF │ 2013 / Japan

Work Title:Connected

What we imagined from the theme of “LINK” is a life game where you observe life and death.

Nowadays, when we look at the situation in the world from a bird’s-eye view, we sometimes feel as if we are being manipulated by someone else. Through this work, the audience is asked whether they are connected somewhere, or whether they were already connected.

★ Sembilan Matahari │ 2012 / Indonesia

Work Title:JapaNMenyala

The core of this work is to tell the story of Garuda, the pride of Indonesia. Garuda is a mythical bird that is cherished by the people of Indonesia. This expression of light, called Menyala in Bahasa, signifies a touching reunion that bridges an 11-year friendship and fosters unity.

Organizer: TOKYO LIGHTS 2023 Executive Committee
Co-organized by: Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Support: Shinjuku City

Planning/Cooperation: Projection Mapping Association of Japan
Production/Management: HAKUHODO PRODUCT’S, INC.

Official Website:https://tokyolights.jp
Official hashtags:#tokyolights #1minutePM #tokyo #tokyolights2023