【11th 1minute Projection Mapping Competition】

~ Open Call Guidelines ~

Theme: “LINK”



Since the launch of this international competition in 2012, last year we celebrated the memorable 10th edition! We feel very fortunate to have been able to continue this competition for so long, and at the same time, we would like to thank all the creators who have participated and all those who have supported this competition. 


As more and more projection mapping competitions and festivals are being held in various countries and regions around the world, we are also re-evaluating our mission and responsibility. 


The cost and other hurdles to implementing projection mapping on large-scale buildings are extremely high, and it is even more difficult for individuals to do so. However, this competition is a unique opportunity for creators to express themselves freely and leave their works as a form. We also believe that another attractive and important function of this competition is that it is an opportunity to gather works filled with creators’ freedom and individuality, to discover future possibilities and talents, and to disseminate them. 


It is you, the future participants, who will make the next history of this competition and projection mapping. 


Let’s deliver your individuality and talent to the world together. 


【The 11th Competition Theme】


In many places of the world, the word “divided” has come to abound in terms of politics, economics, poverty, energy issues, and so on.  

However, the human creature needs to be connected, and now is the time to connect and link various things. People, countries, and issues are connected, and these connections lead to the future and happiness. The problems and issues that are happening around the world are not limited to specific countries, but are something that all people must think about and “synchronize” on a global scale, transcending borders.  

The theme of this year’s competition, “LINK,” is to “connect” and “synchronize” various things from small “connections” around us to the future with the creators’ sense. 

We expect works that connect all areas such as “country,” “era,” “people,” “culture,” “technology,” “expression,” “society,” “issues,” “future,” and “potential,” and that also have diversity and value as visual expressions.  


Please “LINK” to the world and to the hearts of the audience with your projection mapping expression. 

【 Competition overview 】

Competition Name:11th 1minute Projection Mapping Competition
■ Theme: LINK
■ Planner: Projection Mapping Association of Japan

【 Projection Mapping Venue and Building Size】

  • Meijijingu Gaien Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery
    (Address: 1-1 Kasumigaokamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0013 Japan)
    (Google Map:  https://goo.gl/maps/fWFZqTdD6cUirmfz7 )
  • Building size of the projection plane: Width 112m, Height 32.1m ( Center dome apex)


Submitted Video Data for the First Screening  

  • Please use the “Temp_1minutePM2023_Tokyo” composition in the After Effects distribution template as the final composition. 
  • Please submit the video exported from the “Projection_Preview” composition in the After Effects distribution template 
    (format: h264, mp4 recommended, resolution: 1920 x 650).  
  • Rough sketches, still images, storyboards, and other incomplete works may not pass the preliminary screening. 
  • Contents Length: 1 minute to 1 minute 59 seconds 
  • Frame Rate: 30/fps 
  • Video Format: h264, mp4 recommended, embedded audio (WAV, mp3) 
  • Video Data Filename: Entry number_submission date.mp4 
    Ex: 001_20220411.mp4  


Submitted Video Data for the Final Delivery (projection)  

  • Resolution: 6656 x 1920 pixel 
  • Content Length: 1 minute to 1 minute 59 seconds 
  • Frame Rate: 30/fps 
  • Video Format: MOV (HAP) 
  • Audio: Embedded in the video content, and attach WAV data of the same length as the video 
  • Video Data Filename: Entry number_team_submission date.mov
    Ex: 001_tokyomapping_20220411.mov 


Production Video Template2D & 3D 

The office will distribute template data to those who have entered the competition.  
(*Secondary use of distributed materials, such as forwarding, reprinting, or publishing to others, is prohibited.) 


Application Period for 2023 】 

  • Entry Begins:  April 26
    The office will send various information to those who have entered as needed.  
  • Entry Deadline: June 22  (Japanese time GMT + 9, at 23:59:59)   
  • Video Data Delivery for First Screening: July 23 (Japanese time GMT + 9, at 23:59:59) 
    Format: h264, mp4 recommended, resolution: 1920 x 650  
  • First Video Screening: July 24   
  • Announcement of Finalists’ Works: Scheduled for early August, notification and announcement as soon as the decision is made (all applicants will be notified by e-mail and notified on the website)  
  • Final Video Data Delivery: August 20 (Japanese time GMT + 9, at 23:59:59) 
    Format: HAP, Resolution: 6656 x 1920  
  • Screening of Finalists’ Works and Announcement of Results: Scheduled for mid-September 2023 

    The schedule is subject to change depending on the venue and the event.


Number of Videos to be Screened  

  • Finalists Works: Approximately 18 to 20 Works will be screened.  

*Finalist works that have passed the screening may not be screened depending on the state of the final work (completeness, inappropriate content, copyright infringement, incomplete data, etc.). This will be notified to applicants in advance.  

*Submitted works that are not selected as finalists will also be projected and recorded outside of the screening time for those who wish (Submission of video data in full resolution is required), and the video data will be given to each creator. (However, this is not a guarantee.)  


【 Requirements Information 】  

Upon Entry 

  • Creator’s name, team name, company name (name to be written and announced)  
  • Creator and team profile (approximately 100 words) 
  • Images of the creator/creator team, logo 
  • Representative’s name and contact information (e-mail, address, telephone number)  
  • Name of country  
  • Website URL, Facebook page, blog, etc.  
  • Any other special notes or points to be noted when submitting the application 

Upon Submitting Video Data(First Screening) 

  • Title of the work  
  • Explanation of the concept, theme or content of the work (approximately 100 words)  
  • 1 captured image of the work (6656 x 1920 pixels) 
  • Video data of the work for the first screening (MP4 format, embedded audio)
    *The distributed template (Illustrator/After Effects) has columns for “Team Name,” “Title,” and “Video Length. Please fill in those fields and submit the form. 
  • Please check the “Projection_Preview” composition in the distributed template (After Effects) to see how the image will look when actually projected.  
  • Please export the “Projection_Preview” composition in the template (After Effects) when you export the video.  


How to Apply and Submit Video Data  

  • Please fill out the following form to submit your entry. 

    Entry Closed

    (*Template data and other documents for production will be distributed to those who enter.)  
  • Submission: Please use the work submission form provided in the e-mail sent to applicants. 
  • Upload your work to a shared server on the Internet, etc., and enter the URL for downloading in the work submission form.  


 Awards and Supplementary Prizes  

  • Grand Prize: 2 million yen, trophy, supplementary prize, invited as a guest creator for the next competition. 
  • Second Prize: 500k yen, trophy, supplementary prize 
  • Jury Prize: 200k yen, trophy, supplementary prize 
  • Organizer Award: 100k yen, trophy, supplementary prize 
  • Audience Award: 100k yen, trophy, supplementary prize  

Finalists will receive a subsidy for production costs or accommodation expenses when they visit Japan.


Experts, guest creators, organizers, and other details are to be announced at a later date.  


Notes on Application】 

Please read the following carefully before applying. We reserve the right to reject any application that does not comply with the regulations. 

  1. It may not be accepted as a judging work in the following cases.  

    1. If the video does not follow the production format (in the case where the video is not mapped)  
    2. If the video is damaged or cannot be played.  
    3. If the video is significantly offensive to the viewers, with excessively stimulating expressions, sexuality, strong religious views, or political messages.  
    4. The video length is less than or exceeds the regulation (1min ~ 1min 59sec)  
  2. The submitted work is guaranteed to not infringe on the intellectual property rights and ownership of third parties. In the unlikely event that a dispute is filed by a third party due to infringement, the applicant himself/herself is solely responsible for the financial burden (including the attorney’s fees) and compensation of the damage so that all parties involved in this project are exempted from liability.  
  3. Please make sure that you can manage the copyright of materials such as photos/videos/music/sound effects used in the submitted work.  
  4. The organizer/planner may not be responsible for any copyright infringement issues or claims. Any work that infringes on the rights of others will be disqualified, and if the infringement is discovered after the award has been received, the award will be cancelled and the prize money and extra prize money will be returned. 
  5. Since a wide range of people, from children to the elderly, will be watching the films at the venue where they will actually be screened, please be considerate of the sensible content of the films. 
  6. Entrants are prohibited from publishing their videos, on-site recordings, etc. on the web, social networking services, or other places where third parties can view them without permission before the results of the judging of this competition are announced. (To ensure the fairness of the judging process). However, videos and information that are made available to the public by the organizer/planner may be shared. If you break this rule, you may be disqualified from participating in the competition. 
  7. The distributed template data for production must not be reprinted, distributed, or released to the public without permission. 
  8. Any other comments or posts on social networking sites that may affect the judging or the competition may result in disqualification from participation in the competition.

Other Copyrights and Usage Rights  

  1. 1. The copyright of the submitted video and audio data belongs to the creator or the creator team. However, the Projection Mapping Association of Japan (hereinafter referred to as “Mapping Association”) may, under its administrative responsibility, adjust the images (brightness, contrast, color tone, volume, etc.) to make them suitable for screening, but the creator shall not exercise moral rights against these actions. 
  2. The Mapping Association, the organizing executive committee, the co-sponsors, and the Mapping Association reserve the right to use the video data of the submitted works in perpetuity under the control of the Mapping Association, and may continue to show them at the same venues and at related events, demonstrations, and other projects after the completion of the project. 
  3. The Mapping Association, the organizing executive committee, and co-sponsors may record videos and photos of this event. 
  4. The Mapping Association, the organizing executive committee and co-sponsors may develop and sell various goods and products using the recorded images and videos of the projection mapping performed at the venue. 
  5. The organizer/co-sponsor and the photographer shall retain all ownership rights to the recorded images and videos taken by the organizer/co-sponsor/planner. 
  6. The Mapping Association, the organizing committee, the co-sponsors, and the event sponsors may use the images provided and the recordings taken for publicity and reporting of the event, as well as for introducing projection mapping and the event. 
  7. If there are co-sponsors, sponsors, or cooperating companies, they may use the screenings, etc. for their own product advertisements and promotions under the control of the Mapping Association. 
  8. Upon submitting entry document, the applicant agrees to all of the above and promises not to exercise copyright or moral rights against any use, including secondary use, by the Association, the organizing executive committee and co-sponsors.

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【Contact, Question】

Competition office (in Projection Mapping Association of Japan)