《Open Call》The 12th 1minute Projection Mapping Competition

Entry for participating creators is now open! [Entries due 7/9]

The 12th 1minute Projection Mapping Competition, a competition of projection mapping works of 1 minute to 1 minute and 59 seconds, will be held again this year.

Competition Theme: “Mirror”

This international competition is not only one of the industry’s leading contest events, but also a creative venue for top creators from around the world and Japan.

Last year’s 11th competition received 281 entries from 58 countries and regions around the world.

In 2024, we are again calling for video works from creators around the world!

For details, please see below.

【 The 12th Competition Theme 】


A mirror reflecting various things is a wonderful and mysterious existence. What can be seen is a real image but also a virtual one, giving you the feeling of another dimension.

Or, like a mirror in a fairy tale, it might reflect the inner and wishes of the people looking at it. Is what we are facing the truth, or is it the future or our distorted wishes? “Mirrors” cannot help but stir up a variety of imaginations, and while they can be found easily in everyday life, as a creator aren’t they an attractive material?

In Japanese, it is said a mirror “reflects the heart and times”, or “a mirror of…” to describe a person who can be a role model.

Through the physical charms and effects of mirrors, such as kaleidoscopes and reflective water for example, as well as the world of images projected in the word “mirror”, please expand your imagination and express your “Mirror” as a “projection mapping video” for projection onto a Memorial Picture Gallery.

Projection Mapping Venue and Building Size 

Meijijingu Gaien Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery 

Building size of the projection plane: 112m wide and 32.1m high (apex of the central dome)

【 Number of Videos to be Screened 】 

  • Finalists Works: Approximately 18 to 20 Works will be screened.

【 Awards and Supplementary Prizes

  • GRAND PRIZE: 2 million yen, trophy, supplementary prize, invited as a guest creator for the next competition.
  • SECOND PRIZE: 500k yen, trophy, supplementary prize
  • THIRD PRIZE: 200k yen, trophy, supplementary prize
  • FORTH PRIZE: 100k yen, trophy, supplementary prize
  • AUDIENCE PRIZE: 100k yen, trophy, supplementary prize

※Finalists will receive a travel and lodging subsidy for one person (3 days/2 nights, amount is capped) when visiting the screening in mid-September.

【 Application Period 】 

  • Entry Begins: May 09, 2024
  • Entry Deadline: July 09 (Japanese time GMT + 9, at 23:59:59)
  • Video Data Delivery for First Screening: July 23 (Japanese time GMT + 9, at 23:59:59)
  • First Video Screening: July 24~
  • Announcement of Finalists’ Works: Scheduled for early August
  • Final Video Data Delivery: August 20, 2024 (Japanese time GMT + 9, at 23:59:59)
  • Screening of Finalists’ Works and Announcement of Results: September 14 2024

For more information on the competition and how to enter, please refer to the following URL.

We look forward to your entries!

Please note that the schedule may be subject to change due to the convenience of the venue or the event, or due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

About the author: 純子鳴澤