1minute projection mapping in Huis Ten Bosch


<Final Judge Meeting>

<Finalist 16works>

Grand Prix is decided to “ArchiLymph” Antaless Visual Design (Italy)!

We will proudly announce the final result of 1minute projection mapping in Huis Ten Bosch.
Our competition started in last March 2018, and the 16 works passed 1st and 2nd screening was all gathered to the Palace Huis Ten Bosch.
The final judge meeting was held in that place the day before, and the best works in this competition was selected.

We selected Grand-Prix and award winning works through watching the projected work and discussion.

Here is the final result for the competition.


Grand Prize
「ArchiLymph」Antaless Visual Design(Italy)

・Movie ⇒https://youtu.be/fATGtQv_JfY

Semi Grand Prize
「Luna」AVA Animation & Visual Arts(Mexico)

・Movie ⇒https://youtu.be/ns_ymXysbDw

Special Juries’ Prise
「Asagao」Hotaru Visual Guerrilla(Spain)

・Movie ⇒https://youtu.be/3CBcTom1pus

Special Juries’ Prise
FAB Asia「Masks」(Hong Kong)

・Movie ⇒https://youtu.be/nCq-ul_g7C8

Special Huis Ten Bosch Prize
「Light Rhapsody」Los Romeras(Spain)

・Movie ⇒https://youtu.be/aWvfAhZSx50

Audience Prize
「SMILE」Decide Kit Co., Ltd.(Thailand)

・Movie ⇒https://youtu.be/oe0MAI8ps0M

Other Finalists

※Entry sequence
※Description:Registration Name「Title」(Country)

Niculin Barandun「Tane (種) 」(Swiss)

・Movie ⇒https://youtu.be/_ipbRvXQ3nU
VJ Reinish「Elements of Life」(Ukraine)

・Movie ⇒https://youtu.be/PUk-eaHsNXM
Filip Roca「最後の花 – Saigo no Hana / The Last Blossom」(Spain / Montenegro)

・Movie ⇒https://youtu.be/Ael8ZQMci28
Esa Perkasa Novesada – Lzy Visual「Dasamuka – The Ten Faces」(Indonesia)

・Movie ⇒https://youtu.be/l_9nj948WuY
Jakub Zuscin「Becoming」(Slovakia)

・Movie ⇒https://youtu.be/VURy8kzWg8k

・Movie ⇒https://youtu.be/Z_zFZeDzCKc
OCUBO CRIATIVO 「Seasons」(Portugal)

・Movie ⇒https://youtu.be/cLSLz2ETAhs
Sunnana inc.「月華天昇 – gekka tensho –」(Japan)

・Movie ⇒https://youtu.be/3ttkiLOJTNI
Viktor Lukács「Abstract Reality」(Hungary)

・Movie ⇒https://youtu.be/EYBczf65haI

・Movie ⇒https://youtu.be/7I8sULXBlf4

【 Jury 】

“iMapp” , which is held every year in Bucharest, Romania , is one of the biggest projection mapping contests in the world.“Maxin 10sity” who is a pioneer of projection mapping in the world and the organizer of “iMapp” will take part in our competition as a jury.
<Maxin10sity / Official WebSite>
Moment Factory is a multimedia entertainment studio based in Montreal. They have produced over 400 unique shows and destinations creating remarkable experiences around the globe, including projection mapping on Sagrada Familia, Half-Time Show of Super Bowl, and installations at Los Angeles International Airport.
<MOMENT FACTORY / Official WebSite>
They got Grand Prix at last time competition, “1minute Projection Mapping in Niigata.”
Furthermore, they have received a number of awards in international projection mapping contests and VJ contests.
They are the union of creators from all over the Europe, as their name suggests, and works in Europe mainly.
<EuroVideoMapping / Official WebSite>
Michiyuki Ishita
Chief Director and Creative Director of Projection Mapping Association of Japan. He works not only domestic but also international, and is the leading person of projection mapping in Japan.
<PMAJ / Official WebSite>
PLACE Pales Huis Ten Bosch (Huis Ten Bosch-town Sasebo-city Nagasaki)
ADDRESS 1-1 Huis Ten Bosch-town Sasebo-city Nagasaki
TEL 0570-064-110 (Official Information Dial of Huis Ten Bosch)
ACCESS http://www.huistenbosch.co.jp/guide/map/
TERM 10th March〜3th June 2018
(From 19th April to 20th May , 15 works selected to the finalists and the guest creator’s works will be showed.)
TIME 19:30 / 20:25 / 21:20 (45min 16 works + 2 works(Special works) )
FEE ※You need to buy Entrance Ticket of Huis Ten Bosch
1DAY-PASS Holders : ¥500
Admission Only Ticket Holders :¥700
Night Admission Ticket Holders : FREE
(Ticket Prices of Huis Ten Bosch : http://english.huistenbosch.co.jp/about/?mode=about&Type=2)

Works passed the Stage-1(except finalists)

※Entry sequence
※Description:Registration Name「Title」(Country)

Roman Gomes「The Fires Fatuous」(Argentina)
Furyco「Deep Flower」(Indonesia)
Jerem Oury & Studio Echelon Mapping「Narcisse」(France)
Rampages Production Ltd.「Impression」(Macao)
Atelier Kaltenbach「The Spirit Within」(Germany)
Magic-Innovations Studio「Heritage of the Flower」(Ukraine)
Desilence「Blomstre」(Spain and Denmark)
Hybrid Forest「Boye」(Sweden)
Noguchi Kazunobu「Hanawave」(Japan)
Tsukune Halmaki「Bon Voyage!」(Japan)
PANI PAWLOSKY「Eternal Kingdom」(Poland)
Team Poteon「FLOS Wind」(Japan)
Yellaban Creative Media Studio「Happy <-> (Copy ^ Paste) 」(Thailand)
Xu Minghong「Flori」(China)
C3WORKS「Atoms Weave」(Japan)
Yihao Visual (Nanning Golden No.1 Tunnel Trade Co. LTD.)「Reincarnation」(China)
ONTA「Blue Crocus」(Ukraine)
Darklight Studio / Vj Eletroiman「We are nature」(Brazil / Spain)