1minute Projection Mapping in Odawara Castle

<Live video of the public review on 9/22(Fri)>

The Grand Prize goes to「The Great Dreamer」Julia Shamsheieva(Ukraine)!

The 8th International Projection Mapping Competition「1minute Projection Mapping in Odawara Castle」was held at Odawara Castle, Kanagawa on Sept 20th-23rd. We received about 177 entried from 43 different countries, and from those, 20 top works are selected to be projected on the castle. Even though, it was raining heavily, more than 20 thousand people came to watch.

And on the 22nd, after watching all the works and going through numerous strict discussion, we have decided on the Grand Prize winner for this year.

The following are the list of winning works.

【List of winning works】
※「Title」Team name(Country)

Grand Prize
「The Great Dreamer」Julia Shamsheieva(Ukraine)


Second Prize

「Hatsuyume (First Dream)」DecideKit(Thailand)


Jury Prize

「Glitch」AVA Animation & Visual Arts(Canada / Mexico)


Odawara Prize



Audience Prize

「The Past and Future」RESORB(Germany)


Special Prize

「Odawara’s legacy」Los Romeras(Spain)


Finalist Works

「Ki」[ctrl_v] (Costa Rica)
「A Monument’s Dream」Studio Trika (India)
「Doors of Perception」MotionLab (Romania)
「Hypnagogia」Vali Chincișan (Romania)
「夢の機 The Dream Machine」Spectro Visuals (Malaysia)
「Insomnia」Antimotion (Russia)
「Dream refinement」Malamí light (Mexico)
「Onírica」RODAR (Chile)
「Dream Factory」__STROY (Czech)
「Muysuaz」Shuka Studio (Colombia)
「A castle’s dream」Maxime Guislain (Belgium)
「Story of Light」UVISUAL (Indonesia)
「nightingale」Encolorde (China)
「Requiem」CINERHYTHM (Japan)

We would like to thank all the artists, people who came to the venue and all the wonderful judges!

Guest Artist Works

「O.R.B」Yann Nguema(France)



「旅する夢 Soul Journey」Li Cheng(China)


Name 8th International Projection Mapping Competition
~ 1minute Projection Mapping in Odawara Castle ~
Dates 20th September, 2019 – 23rd September, 2019
Venue Odawara castle (6, Jonai, Odawara, Kanagawa, 250-0014)
Access &
Program International Projection Mapping Competition

The works gathered from all over the world will be judged strictly and 20 works that passed the primary screening will be screened.

Among them, the world’s best was decided through a open review on 22nd September.

* Special work screening of guest artists
* Screening of special work by last year’s Grand Prix creators
* A collaboration work of Kabuki by Shido Nakamura and projection mapping

Lighting performance by EL SQUAD
Japanese drum performance by Soyo-Daiko
Japanese drum performance by Odawara Hojo-Daiko

Showing time 【Sept 20th(Fri)】
1st : Open17:00~ / Starts18:30~
2nd : Open19:50~ / Starts20:30~
※Please wait in the waiting area until the opening
Showing of the Finalist 20 works + Guests works
Opening:Special performance by Shido Nakamura, collaboration Kabuki and projection mapping.

【Sept 21st(Sat)】
1st:Open17:00~ / Starts18:00~
2nd:Open19:20~ / Starts19:40~
3rd:Open20:30~ / Starts20:50~
※Please wait in the waiting area until the opening
Showing of the Finalist 20 works + Guests works
Opening : Japanese dram performance by Soyo-Daiko at [1] and [2]

【Sept 22nd(Sun)】
1st:Open17:00~ / Starts18:30~
2nd:Open19:30~ / Starts19:50~(Public review and awards ceremony held)
※Please wait in the waiting area until the opening
Showing of the Finalist 20 works + Guests works
Opening : Lighting performance by EL SQUAD

【Sept 23rd(Mon)】
1st:Open17:00~ / Starts18:30~
2nd:Open19:20~ / Starts19:40~
3rd:Open20:30~ / Starts20:50~
※Please wait in the waiting area until the opening
Showing of the Finalist 20 works + Guests works
Opening : Japanese dram performance by Odawara Hojo-Daiko

Entrance Fees Sept 20th (Fri):5000yen / Open Space:1000yen(General)、500yen(Junior and middle school)
Sept 21st (Fri):1000yen / Open Space:Free
Sept 22nd (Sun):2000yen / Open Space:Free
Sept 23rd (Mon):1000yen / Open Space:Free
※Open Space=Standing Area
There are areas that are hidden by trees and tents and are difficult to see
The open
review for the grand prize
The live video of the open jury review on Sept 22nd (Sun)
Food Festival You can enjoy the local Odawara food sold by kitchen cars.
Address Odawara castle (6, Jonai, Odawara, Kanagawa, 250-0014)
Telephone +81 – (0)3 – 6416 – 9496 (Projection Mapping Association of Japan)
Venue URL https://odawaracastle.com/

– Juries –
Yann Nguema
Born from a scientific background, Yann Nguema finally turned to the world of artistic creation. As a musician, he founded the group EZ3kiel in 1992 for which he developed the entirety of a rich visual production that has become a reference and a trademark. He focuses his work mainly on performing arts with a constant emphasis on an image-music association. Very quickly he integrated computer technology into his creative process by developing his own software and adding a completely interactive dimension to his productions. As a designer of exhibitions, installations and scenography, he has designed numerous projects combining technology, research and poetry. Yann is currently an ambassador artist for the Lyon Festival of Lights.<Yann Nguema / Official WebSite>
Yael Braha
As Multimedia Director, Yael Braha is an award-winning, multi-platform Multimedia Director whose work ranges from large-scale interactive installations to complex shows. Yael joined Moment Factory in 2015 and is a graduate of the Istituto Europeo di Design (Rome, 1996), and San Francisco State University (MFA in Cinema, 2005). Her professional projects include “IllUmiNations: protecting our planet”, a projection mapping on the United Nations building coinciding with the 2014 UN Climate Summit. Yael’s expertise in computer vision, parametric modeling, and kinetic sculpture is leading Moment Factory in exciting new directions.<MOMENT FACTORY / Official WebSite>
Hideki Nagasaki
Managing director of Takenaka Co., Ltd. and Representative director of Symdirect Inc.After graduating from university, Hideki Nagasaki studied sound production/production of commercial music, radio commercials and radio programs at a sound production firm. After that, he made a wide range of experience to produce over advertising, exhibition, promotion, and convention at the promotion department in a major advertising agency. In 2002 Nagasaki joined Takenaka, and has taken part in event production, video and space direction. He participated in the launch of “BeamPainting”, a Takenaka projection mapping brand in 2009, and has since produced much creation such as projection mapping with interactive elements. In recent years, he has combined laser animation and mapping to pursue new possibilities and broaden the scope of expression. He also started early on a collaboration of artwork and projection mapping, and eight mappings were performed at Taro Okamoto’s Tower of the Sun, and five mappings were also done on Katsuhiko Chaen’s sand sculptors.Symdirect Inc. / Official WebSite: https://www.symdirect.co.jp/
Takenaka Co. / Official WebSite: https://en.takenaka-co.co.jp/
Li Cheng
CG creator and creative artist from China.He has participated in many projection mapping international competitions and continues to pursue and challenge high-end works every day.Li Cheng won the Grand Prix and Audience Award simultaneously for the first time at the 7th “1minute Projection Mapping in Miyazaki”.facebook:https://www.facebook.com/leecheng2013

Michiyuki Ishita

Chief Director and Creative Director of Projection Mapping Association of Japan. He works not only domestic but also international, and is the leading person of projection mapping in Japan.<PMAJ / Official WebSite>

協力:小田原市、一般社団法人小田原市観光協会、松竹株式会社、小田原市、一般社団法人 小田原青年会議所、一般社団法人 小田原市観光協会、小田原箱根商工会議所青年部、小田原法人会青年部会

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