The Grand Prix of the international tournament was decided to go to Vali Chincișan (Romania), with a huge success

~ Congratulatory address and prize plate presented by Governor Koike, and look forward to the winner’s exhibition to be held in November ~

On Sunday, September 10, 2023, one of the world’s largest international projection mapping competition “1minute Projection Mapping Competition” (hereinafter referred to as the “International Competition”) was held at the Meijijingu Gaien Shotoku Memorial Picture Gallery and ended with great success. Although the first day, September 8th (Friday), was canceled due to the typhoon, the remaining dates, September 9th and 10th, were held successfully.

Vali Chincișan from Romania won the Grand Prix at this year’s international competition, which had the highest number of entries ever. In response to this year’s theme, “LINK,” he presented a work called “Legacy Links,” which uses AI-based animation to express the history woven by ancient civilizations, expressing the connection between the present and the past.

Unfortunately, he was not able to come to Japan, but Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike attended the award ceremony and handed the prize plate to judge László Zsolt Bordos on his behalf.

The Governor said, “A big congratulations to Vali Chincișan. There were so many high-quality works gathered here. I am sure there will be many creators who will spread their wings around the world from here”.
She added with a congratulatory message “This year’s theme is ‘LINK’, which means connection, and the word ‘LINK’ conveys the idea of working together to realize a sustainable future. I look forward to continuing to enjoy this wonderful technology and art with everyone. Congratulations”.

The international competition is held as the main content of TOKYO LIGHTS, and a winner’s exhibition will be held in November with past competition winners. Please look forward to the best mapping show by the world’s top creators.

▼ Message from Michiyuki Ishita, General Producer of the Tournament/Representative of the Projection Mapping Association

This international competition is built on the time, passion, and creative ideas of creators. I think this year’s theme, “LINK”, was very appropriate this time, as countries and people around the world have become separated and lost opportunities to share things.
We would like to express our respect to all creators and all participants, and hope to continue to connect TOKYO LIGHTS and the international competition from Tokyo to the world.

▼ 2023 Award-winning works introduction
Grand Prize (Tokyo Government Prize)  Vali Chincișan (Romania)

Work Title: Legacy Links
This work is a video mapping animation that vividly depicts the history of ancient civilizations such as Sumer, Egypt, and Greece. Through its dynamic visuals, it emphasizes mutual evolution and collective influence on modern society. Animation show the bridge between the past and present, suggesting that no civilization developed in isolation. Rather, each contributed to and influenced the other civilizations. Legacy Links reflects the collaborative spirit of our ancestors and calls us to address today’s global challenges with an awareness of our common history and interconnectedness.

Second Prize (TOKYO LIGHTS Prize) (Bulgaria)

Work Title: Touch

Jury Special Prize Ari Dykier (Poland)

Work Title: Human

Tokyo Tokyo Prize Resorb (Germany)  

Work Title: Umbra

Audience Prize Clockwork (Poland)

Work Title: A Neon Owl Symphony

▼ About prize plates and supplementary prizes
◆ The prize plates use the nationally designated traditional glass craft technique “Edo Kiriko”

The 1minute Projection Mapping Competition prize plates are special plates that represent the symbols of the honor of the competition and can only be obtained by a very limited number of people. Every product is created with great care in order to provide value worthy of this prestigious award.

This year, the traditional glass craft technique “Edo Kiriko”, which is a traditional craft of Tokyo and is also certified as a nationally designated traditional craft, has been selected. Mr. Toru Horiguchi, the third generation Hideishi of “Horiguchi Kiriko”, which manufactures and sells “Horiguchi Kiriko”, was in charge of the work.
The drawn patterns have meanings, from `”Chrysanthemum = Kiku” to “Chrysanthemum Tsunabun” and “Chrysanthemum Blossom”, which wish for joy to continue for a long time, and “Chrysanthemum Pattern”, which wishes for growth to be straight, fast, and strong like hemp. It features the “Asanoha pattern” and the “octagonal basket pattern”, a pattern that is said to attract good fortune from all directions and trap happiness.


 ◆ Multiple supplementary merits to creators will be awarded
For this 2023’s Competition, Barco Corporation, a pioneering projector manufacturer, sponsored the latest 1-chip laser projector “Barco G50 Series DLP Laser Projectors” as a Grand Prix supplementary prize.

This model is the latest model that was selected as Best of Show at InfoComm, America’s largest audiovisual trade show held in June of this year, and says, “We want to further expand the opportunities for moving experiences through mapping”. It incorporates the thoughts of President and CEO Hironori Kato: “I want to support creators who develop mapping content around the world” and “I want the 1minute Projection Mapping Competition to become a mapping event that appeals to people all over the world”.

▷ Barco Official Site:

In addition to prize plates and prize money, the winners of all 5 prizes including the Grand Prix will receive a set (1 year license each) including MadMapper, a projection mapping software from garageCube, and MadLaser, which enables laser mapping with a laser projector using its extended functions.
This is a supplementary award that supports creators in developing further possibilities and expanding their opportunities.

▷ garageCube Official Site:


▼ One of the world’s largest international projection mapping competition “1minute Projection Mapping Competition”
The 1minute Projection Mapping Competition is the only international projection mapping competition in Japan where you can see high-level, unique works submitted by creators from all over the world all at once. Each time, participants compete to be the best in the world with a different theme and short projection mapping works of 1 minute to 1 minute 59 seconds. This year marks the 11th time this international competition has been held, and it boasts a long history and authority, and is attracting attention from all over the world.


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