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7th International Projection Mapping Competition

1minute Projection Mapping in Miyazaki

~ Application ~

Theme: “Myth / Fable”

【 Introduction 】

A decade passed since the word “Projection Mapping” came out and now is well-known way of video expression all over the world. Movie creators have challenged many fields such as architectures and 3D object and combined new kinds of materials with video. Projecting on the façade of a real architecture is a very rare experience and still a big challenge for many video creators in this age of expansion of the video expression. This competition was firstly held in 2010 as an antecedent show for creators’ challenge field, and it was renewed to an international competition in 2012 and named “1minute Projection Mapping”.The number of participants has been increased year by year, and it stands out prominently among the competitions in the world for the variety of venue and the unique concept of 1-minute long content that is easy to try and focus on for creators.123 entries from 39 countries and areas joined the last competition, and it had been held for 86 days that was the longest term of the competition ever. We shall try new challenges in this competition. The venues of international competition are ordinary in the same place. But, our competition will be held in Miyazaki for the competition’s 4th venue. Also, it is remarkable that the competition will be held in the very first days of New year 2019. This year’s theme is “Myth/Fable”, it means not only Japanese ones but also those in all over the world. We shall gather various myth and fable to the homeland of myth, Miyazaki, and held a competition of the creativeness of movie expression. I hope all the creators will work effectively on their national and cultural character to create a new expression with combining two fantasies, “Myth/Fable” and “movie” Also, we hope our competition will be the place where creators and technologists interact together and spend a meaningful time.
There will be Tokyo Olympic in 2020. We shall connect our achievement to the monumental festival.We hope you to join our festival and experience Japanese beautiful nature, traditional history, unique art-culture, food, technology, pop culture and Japanese hospitality “OMOTENASHI” in Miyazaki Japan.

【 Features of the international competition 】

This competition has two unique requirements. One is on the duration. It is the shortest video mapping contest in the world, and each creator is expected to demonstrate originality, visual techniques, attractive story, and innovative idea as much as possible within a 1’00 – 1’59 (less than 2 minutes) movie.

【 Theme for 7th Competition 】

This year’s theme of the competition is “Myth/Fable” which is contrived to the homeland of myth, Miyazaki. Japan has the longest history in the world, and the oldest history has been delivered to us in form myth with the ancient history books such as “Koji-ki” and “Nihon-shoki”. Those kinds of myths or fables can be seen all over the world, some of them have the same origin and similar characteristic, or you’ll find one that you’ve never seen or known. It’s not too much to say that there are myth and fable as many as the countries and cultures and create your own work using them as a subject.

【 Competition overview 】

■ Official Event Name:1minute Projection Mapping in Miyazaki
~ 7th international projection mapping competition in Japan ~
■ Theme:Myth/Fable
■ Host:Executive Committee of 7th 1minute Projection Mapping in Miyazaki
■ Assisted by: Miyazaki Prefectural Art Museum, Miyazaki Prefectural Library, MEDIKIT ARTS CENTER, Miyazaki City, Education Board of Miyazaki City、Miyazaki Convention and Tourism Bureau, Miyazaki Parks Association, Miyazaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry, MRT ADD Co.,Ltd,RICOH JAPAN Cooperation, All Tokyo Residential Managers from Miyazaki Head Office, KP CREATIONS、others…
■ Produced by:Projection Mapping Association of Japan

【 Site and Building Information 】

【 Movie Format 】

  • Resolution:3840 x 1040 pixel
  • Frame Rate:30/fps
  • File Format:Quicktime(MOV), Photo JPEG Animation, MP4(H264)
  • Duration:1’00-1’59(more than 1 minute, less than 2 minutes)
  • File name of image data : TeamName_title_SubmissionDate
  • Sound:Embedded into the movie file, or send the WAV data with the same duration
  • There are column for filling with “TEAM NAME” “TITLE” and “Length of movie” inside of Illustrator and Aftereffects we provide. Please use them when you create your work.

【 Template Files(2D & 3D)】

After your online registration from the link (), the contest office will send template data to you.
(※ The distributed template data is not allowed to use for the other purpose)

【 Schedule 】

  • By November 1st you need to send the filled in Application Form.
  • The Contestants will have to submit the following:
  • By November 20th, 2018 JST 23:59- Teaser of your work.
  • November 26th, 2018-The Contestants passed the first stage will be informed by e-mail and at our WEB site.
  • By December 21st, 2018 JST 23:59 – Final entry work
  • January 1st – 3rd, 2019 – Demonstration of Finalists
  • January 3rd, 2019 – Final Result

※Each schedule may change due to the circumstances of the venue or event.

【 Finalists 】

Final Stage:15 – 18 projects
※The finalist may not be demonstrated at the mapping event if there is a copyright issue or improper (adult/violent) content.
※The projects, which are not selected, will be also tested on the building and recorded the scene.

【 Information about submissions and applications 】

【 1st Stage 】

  • Movie format: MOV, MP4 format, audio should be embedded into the movie
    Resolution: Full HD or so
    * Illustrator and AfterEffects have entry columns for “team name”, “title” and “Length of the image”, please use that as much as possible when exporting.
  • Title (upon submission video data)
  • Description of the work concept, theme and content (about 200 words, upon submission video data)
  • 1 Capture image of the work (3840 × 1040 pixels, upon submission video data)
  • Creator name, Team name, Company name (Entry name to be written and published)
  • Creator, Team profile (approx. 200 words)
  • Image of the creator/production team’s photo, logo, etc.
  • Name and contact information of the representative (E-mail, address, telephone number)
  • Country (s)
  • Home page URL, Facebook page, blog etc.
  • Other special notes and notices regarding application

【 Final Stage 】

  • Movie format: High-Quality MOV format, audio should be embedded into the movie.
    Resolution: 3840 × 1040 pixel
    * Illustrator and AfterEffects have entry columns for “team name”, “title” and “Length of the image”, please use that as much as possible when exporting.
  • If there are any changes to the information, such as title, concept, or team name, please notify us of the amendment.

【 Submission Method 】

【 Awards 】

Grand Prix,2nd Prize, Jury’s Prize, Miyazaki Prize, Audience Prize etc…
An extra prize will be given to each award winner.
Grand prix winner will be given 1,000,000 YEN and invited to the next 1-minutes projection mapping event as a guest creator. More details will be informed.

【 Jury 】

Experts, Guest Creators, People Concerned, more…

【 Consideration 】

The project with the following prohibited matters is NOT accepted

  1. The contents are not based on our mapping template.
  2. The movie file is not opened and played with common codec.
  3. The contents have so strong political and religious messages that some audience may feel uncomfortable.
  4. The duration is too short or too long.
  5. Submission after the deadline.
    *)If it will be late with some valid reason, let us know in advance.
  6. The contents have illegal copy-righted items.
    *) It is applicant’s responsibility to clear any copy righted issue on images, sounds, and fonts before submission. If the problem is found, the hosts of this event will take no responsibility for the problem, and any award will be lost and returned.
  7. The contents have adult or violated scenes.
    *) The audience includes kids and old persons.
  8. The project is opened to public at WEB or SNS before the judgement is completed.
    This is to keep the judgement fair. (except contents opened for public by the organizer.)
  9. Unauthorized use or reproduction of the template data sent from the organizer is prohibited.

If it is not clear, feel free to ask us by e-mail: PMAJ Office:<>

【 Copy Right and Content Use 】

  1. All copyright of submitted materials such as movie and sound contents belongs to the applicant(s).
  2. The Projection Mapping Association of Japan (PMAJ) has the responsibility to manage the submitted materials.
  3. It is allowed for PMAJ to modify the submitted materials only for projection mapping environment such as hue, contrast, brightness, and volume of sounds without permission of copyright owner.
  4. It is allowed for the organization group to display the submitted materials freely onto the building and imitated minutia model at the location for any event as well as the competition.
  5. It is allowed for the organizations group, sponsors, collaborators and media to use the submitted materials freely for their promotion and advertisement.
  6. The ownership of recorded materials, which are photos and videos taken during the event, belongs to the people who take and record them.
  7. It is allowed for the organization group to take any official photo and video of mapping show during the event, and use the officially recorded materials freely for any purpose including the promotion, advertisement, and commercial product development and sales even though the recorded scene includes a part of submitted materials.
  8. It is allowed for the organizations group, sponsors, collaborators and media to use the recorded materials freely for their promotion and advertisement.
  9. It is allowed to use the unofficially recorded materials such as photos and videos taken by audience if and only if it is for personal use including SNS and blog distribution.
  10. All agreements above are made effective as of the date when the registration is completed. The copyright owner also agrees that he/she does not exercise any moral rights of author to PMAJ on the right of use.

※For other FAQ, please click here※

【 Movies 】

<2014 finalists>

<2015 finalists>

<2016 finalists>

<2018 finalists>

【Contact, Q&A】
Competition office (in Projection Mapping Association of Japan)