1minute Projection Mapping Competition

Competition Page 11th 1minute Projection Mapping Competition
Date 2023/9/8 (Fri) ~ 2023/9/10 (Sun)
Venue Meiji Jingu Gaien Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery (1-1 Kasumigaoka-machi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
Access http://1minute-pm.com/en/access/
  • During the Projection Mapping International Competition works from all over the world have been strictly judged and the 19 finalist works that have passed the first judgement will be projected.
Projection Time
【September 8th (Fri)
Open 18:00
1st Session Start 18:30 / End 19:20
2nd Session Start 20:00 / End 20:50

※ Please stay in the waiting area until the doors open.

September 9th (Sat)
Open 18:00
1st Session Start 18:30 / End 19:20
2nd Session Start 20:00 / End 20:50

※ Please stay in the waiting area until the doors open.

September 10th (Sun)
Open 18:00
1st Session Start 19:00 / End 20:50 (Award Ceremony)
※ Please stay in the waiting area until the doors open.
Admission Fee
※ Application available from the page below.
Please wait for a while until it is released.

※ Title / Team Name / Country or Regions
※ In order of entry

「AEON」Adam Zeke(Hungary)



「Mashtab」Alexander Dzhezus (Lithuania)

「千 -SEN-」BBCDesign(Japan)

「Universe」Kuan-Wen Liu(Taiwan)


「Contrasting concurrences」MOTION HOUSE THAILAND(Thailand)

「Eco-nnections: Flow」George Berlin Studios(United States of America)

「Respiro」Julia Set Lab(Italy)

「The World In Your Hands」Christopher Harrisson(United Kingdom)


「Ties」Kurbas Production(Ukraine)

「Symbiosis」VPM Creative Lab(Spain)

「A Neon Owl Symphony」Clockwork(Poland)

「Human」Ari Dykier(Poland)

「Entropy」DotNDash Studio(China)

「見えざる縁 -Miezaru Enishi-」DecideKit(Thailand)

「Legacy Links」Vali Chincișan(Romania)


Guest Artists

László Zsolt Bordos


2Hungarian artist born in Romania. Since 2000, he has been creating works using projection mapping. He is recognized as one of the pioneers of the genre with his abstract 3D animations and projection mapping works with unprecedented expressions. In 2020-2021, he co-founded the Art Of Light Organization (ALO) and launched the Light Art Manifesto. He is also a main board member of the International Kepes Association.

TITLE : reshape

The title ”reshape” marks the possibility to change the appearance of a building by projecting images on it. The moving images can virtually reshape the forms by using light, in this case projectors. The projection can transform the way we see the bulding, it can change the way we experience the shape of the architecture, bringing new interpretations and new context. As light can modulate space, the projection shapes the building. And to increase the experience I created audio-reactive animations, in order to trigger both senses of the audience: auditive and visual, at the same time.


AVA Animation & Visual Arts


Based in Toronto, Canada, this animation studio believes in “bringing joy to people through experience and vision.” The company provides comprehensive production services, utilizing both creative and technical aspects. With clients including international tourism associations, advertising agencies, theme parks, light festivals, and various events, the company is active internationally. Based on the belief that art can transform spaces and revitalize economies, they continue to engage local communities and provide spaces where people can experience joy.

TITLE : Eudaimonia

In this world we are all linked, every action has a reaction. Every human being, plant, or object serves a purpose, and we all depend and influence each other in invisible ways. “Eudaimonia” is happiness, but not the kind obtained by avoiding suffering and seeking pleasure, but rather the one that comes from consciously trying to be better each day. The sense of joy that comes from living life with a “good spirit”, by working daily on doing our best, no matter the circumstances, leading us to the highest and most lasting form of personal and collective happiness.
With this theme, we tried to imagine how our invisible connections could look like, a complex puzzle of mechanisms and dominoes. We tried to visualize how a good action can spark a mesmerizing chain reaction of positive consequences, how happiness can be contagious and change the colors of the world. We try to materialize gardens of joy and the shapes of the future that humans could build together for a greater good.

Michiyuki Ishita
Video creator, Spatial designer, Creative director, Event planner
A pioneer in the field of scenography with video, active as an artist in Japan
and overseas for many years, internationally recognized as an expert in projection mapping.
As a creative director and producer with an artistic perspective, produced numerous unique projects.
1988, debut as an actor in many popular dramas.
Became “ULTRA JAPAN” creative director & “STAR ISLAND” co-producer.
His night sky show “CONTACT” using 500 drones won 2 JACE Event Awards.
Show director for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Game closing ceremony.
Event planning producer for the 2025 Japan International Exposition (Osaka).
Mariko Nishimura
Started as an IT engineer at IBM Japan.
After working for Adobe Systems, joined in 2011 the creative company Bascule as producer & won the Cannes Lions Gold Medal.
Co-founded in 2014 HEART CATCH in Japan and USA.
Involved in planning new business for companies and local governments.
Gill Minervini
30 years+ of experience (creative director, producer, curator, consultant) in directing festivals and large-scale events. Has led major event programs (Dark Mofo, Adelaide Festival, Lunar New Year Festival and international public art festival Art & About Sydney. Became Festival Director of Vivid Sydney in March 2021 and directed the 2022 and 2023 festivals – this years festival being the biggest and most successful ever with 3.4 million visitors.
Julien Pavillard
Director of Events for Lyon’s City, Director and in charge of the Artistic Direction of the Fête des Lumières since 2020.
Set up the Congo Bleu agency and worked on many international and cultural events for the lights or image projections all over the world like Tokyo, Brussels, Moscow, Geneva.
László Zsolt Bordos
Studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts and MediaLab UIAH in Helsinki.
From 2000, with his abstract 3d animations, form-breaking projections and 3d mapping works, recognized as one of the pioneers of the genre.
2020-2021 he co-founded ALO, the Art Of Light Organization, initiated a Light Art Manifesto.
Member of the main board of the International Kepes Society.
AVA Animation & Visual Arts
Animation studio based in Toronto, with the creed of “bringing joy to people through experience and vision”.
Active internationally with clients of tourism associations, advertising agencies, theme parks, light festivals, etc.
Using both creative and technical knowledges, they create with the belief “Art can change space and stimulate the economy” and by involving the regional community.


Organizer:TOKYO LIGHTS 2023 Executive Committee
Co-sponsored by:Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Supported by:Shinjuku City
Planning Cooperation:Projection Mapping Association of Japan
Production and Operation:Hakuhodo Productʼs Inc.