1minute Projection Mapping in Miyazaki

PLACE Miyazaki Prefectural Art Museum
ADDRESS 3-210 Funatsuka, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki 880-0031(Located in the Prefectural cultural park)
TEL +81-985-31-1410
ACCESS http://www.miyazaki-archive.jp/bijutsu/gaiyou/access.html?fbclid=IwAR2oD7mjsNYNLaiDfnPxS8Lof6ZE17ap84dI319KsgDl1zagn_SOTug0Z3k
TERM 【Count Down for new years Event】
31st December
【1minute Projection Mapping in Miyazaki】
1st (Tue) ~ 3rd (Thu) January 2019
TIME Count Down for new years Event:31st December at 10pm~0:30am
1st~2nd January : 6pm~ / 6:50pm~ / 7:40pm~ / 8:30pm ~ (Total 40min for 15~18 video works)
3rd January : 6pm~ / 6:50pm~ (Total 40min for 15~18 video works)
FEE Free(Paid seat is available for 500yen)
※Paid seat need a reservation from following link. Then please pay at the ticket dest on that day.
Final Judge Meeting 3rd January (coming soon…)

The finalists are the 18 teams below.

※ According to entry number
※ Notation: Team name [ Title ] (Country name)


AVA Animation & Visual Arts「Quimera」(Mexico)

MotionLab「DREAM MACHINE」(Romania/Serbia)

Sunnana inc.「森羅万象 – shinrabansho -」(Japan)

CHAIRHACK「Light and darkness」(Japan & France)

Plan A「Miyazaki Titans」(Lebanon)




Yimsamer Studio Co.,Ltd「Pandora」(Thailand)

HERMES MANGIALARDO「Amanonuhoko’s dream」(Italy)




High Files Visuals「Chaos」(Italy)

Overlap「The Myth Animals」(Thailand)

RODAR「TrenTren and CaiCai Vilu」(Chile)

LiCheng「The Nine Colored Deer」(China)

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