【The part marked in red is a glass surface. Is it possible to project the image?】

Since the interior will be covered with a white cloth, the image can be projected at the center part. On the other hand, both sides won’t be covered, it is difficult to project the image.

【Do you record our works?】

The work that was submitted along with the regulations will be recorded all (not only finalist’ but all), and the data of the recorded videos will be sent to the participants later. (※ The data will be sent by the end of February.)

【Are there standards for judgment?】

There is a video that explains the “theme”, “production point”, and “content of judgement” for this event. Please take look and make it as a reference for your creation.
<1minute Projection Mapping in Miyazaki – Explanation Video>

【Is there a period to brush up the work?】

People who are selected as a finalist, please send the final image data (the specified resolution) from the work submission form (for brushing up) by December 21st.
Unfortunately, people who are not selected as a finalist this time, since we will also screen all works onto the building, please send the final video data (the specified resolution) by December 13th.
<Work submission form (for brush up)>