Presenting the finalists! – 1minute Projection Mapping in Miyazaki

This is the 7th round of the International competition of Projection Mapping 「1minute Projection Mapping」which started from 2012.

This competition where we received the highest record ever with 125 entries from 42 different countries will be staged at Miyazaki Prefectural Art Museum.
As there are many wonderful entries, it was challenging for us to make a decision.
However, we are now presenting the finalists selected from all the works.

The finalists are the 18 teams below.

※ According to entry number
※ Notation: Team name [ Title ] (Country name)

BBCDesign「灯り」(Japan / Miyazaki)

AVA Animation & Visual Arts「Quimera」(Mexico)

MotionLab「DREAM MACHINE」(Romania / Serbia)

Sunnana inc.「森羅万象 – shinrabansho -」(Japan)

CHAIRHACK「Light and darkness」(Japan / France)

Plan A「Miyazaki Titans」(Lebanon)





HERMES MANGIALARDO「Amanonuhoko’s dream」(Italy)



High Files Visuals「Chaos」(Italy)

Overlap「The Myth Animals」(Thailand)

RODAR「TrenTren and CaiCai Vilu」(Chile)

LiCheng「The Nine Colored Deer」(China)

The finalists work will be projected on the Miyazaki Prefectural Art Museum from the 1st ~ 3rd January, 2019.
The Grand Prix will be decided on the 3rd January by public screening.

There will be a live broadcast on that day itself, so have a look at it even if you live far away.

More information will be announced at the event page below.

<Event Info>

There are a great number of wonderful works from all over the world with the theme [Myth/Fable].
Hope you look forward to it!!

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