Finalists for the 11th 1minute Projection Mapping Competition have been decided!

This year, these 20 groups will compete to be the best in the world.
The finalist works will be screened at Meijijingu Gaien Memorial Picture Gallery from September 8th to September 10th.
The Grand Prize will be decided on September 10th.

l  Adam Zeke / AEON (Hungary)

l  Resorb / Umbra (Germany)

l  Nullpixel / Merge (Mexico)

l  Alexander Dzhezus / Mashtab (Lithuania)

l  BBCDesign / -SEN- (Japan)

l  Kuan-Wen Liu / Universe (Taiwan)

l / Touch (Bulgaria)

l  MOTION HOUSE THAILAND / Contrasting concurrences

l  George Berlin Studios / Eco-nnections: Flow (USA)

l  Julia Set Lab / Respiro (Breath) (Italia)


l  Christopher Harrisson / The World In Your Hands
(UK)l  PHOTINO / Mythropy (Japan)l  Kurbas Production / Ties (Ukraine)l  VPM Creative Lab / Symbiosis (Spain)l  Clockwork / A Neon Owl Symphony (Poland)l  Ari Dykier / Human (Poland)l  DotNDash Studio / Entropy (China)

l  DecideKit / Miezaru Enishi (Thailand)

l  Vali Chincișan / Legacy Links (Romania)


※Team name / Title (Country)

※ Title / Team Name / Country or Regions
※ In order of entry
「AEON」Adam Zeke(Hungary)



「Mashtab」Alexander Dzhezus (Lithuania)

「千 -SEN-」BBCDesign(Japan)

「Universe」Kuan-Wen Liu(Taiwan)


「Contrasting concurrences」MOTION HOUSE THAILAND(Thailand)

「Eco-nnections: Flow」George Berlin Studios(United States of America)

「Respiro」Julia Set Lab(Italy)

「The World In Your Hands」Christopher Harrisson(United Kingdom)


「Ties」Kurbas Production(Ukraine)

「Symbiosis」VPM Creative Lab(Spain)

「A Neon Owl Symphony」Clockwork(Poland)

「Human」Ari Dykier(Poland)

「Entropy」DotNDash Studio(China)

「見えざる縁 -Miezaru Enishi-」DecideKit(Thailand)

「Legacy Links」Vali Chincișan(Romania)


About the author: 純子鳴澤