Advance tickets for “1minute Projection Mapping in Odawara Castle” are now on sale!

8th International Projection Mapping Competition
“1minute Projection Mapping in Odawara Castle”

This time, we received 177 entries, the highest ever from 43 countries and regions.
19 finalists passed the first round.
The finalist’s works will be projected on Odawara Castle.
It is a great and rare opportunity to see high-level works of creators from all over the world at the same time!


You can also enjoy special stages such as “Kabuki x Projection Mapping on the Odawara Castle by Shido Nakamura”, “Lighting Performance by EL SQUAD” and more!
Kabuki is a traditional Japanese performing art.

Don’t miss this opportunity to come to Odawara Castle!


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Advance tickets are selling by LAWSON TICKET. (in Japanese)


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We sell advance tickets by Loppi at LAWSON or MINISTOP.
To search, please enter “L-code: 31879”.

See below for how to buy tickets. (in Japanese)




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