A team from Ukraine has been decided to advance to the finalist!

Previously, we have announced 18 works that will proceed to the finalist. This time, we will like to announce the works of the team ArtZebs Gallery from Ukraine which will advance to the finalist as well.

※Team name「Title」(Country name)
ArtZebs Gallery「Ice Winter Sakura」(Ukraine)

Therefore, on the event day itself, there will be 20 works that will be screened, 19 works from the finalist and 1 work from the guest.
※On the “countdown” on 31st December, 20-30 works as a form of encouragement will be screened as well.

There are only two weeks more to the event.
The paid-seats are being filled quickly, so for anyone who are interested, please feel free to apply for the paid-seats before it runs out.

<Event Info>

【Information about paid-seat tickets】
※ 19th December 2018 (Reception status at 12:00)
■31st December 2018 ※Countdown
22:00~0:30 Just a few more left

■1st January 2019
18:00~ Just a few more left
18:50~ △
19:40~ ○
20:30~ ○

■2nd January 2019
18:00~ △
18:50~ △
19:40~ ○
20:30~ ○

■3rd january 2019
18:00~ △
19:00~ △
※ The public judging review and award ceremony will be held on the 19:00 time slot

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