Reservation for paid-seats tickets

The projection mapping at the Miyazaki Prefectural Art Museum is free of charge to watch. However, it might get congested as many people will be going to Miyazaki shrine for the New Year’s visit on the event day.

Therefore, we have set up a paid-seats area at the centre of the venue for 500 yen.
For these seats, we have prepared chairs for you to sit down and watch the projection mapping while being relaxed. We would recommend it for people who dislike standing in crowded places.
Please feel free to apply if you would like to experience the projection mapping from the best position.
※There is also a space where you can put a baby car. So for parents, feel free to bring your child along to watch the event.

◆ The countdown for the last Heisei year(Paid-seats 500yen)
31st December 2018, about  22:00~0:30

◆ 1minute Projection Mapping in Miyazaki(Paid-seats 500yen/each time)
1st January 2019 (18:00~, 18:50~, 19:40~, 20:30~)
2nd January 2019 (18:00~, 18:50~, 19:40~, 20:30~)
3rd January 2019 (18:00~, 19:00~)

※ The last projection on the last day (19:00~) is the public judging review and award ceremony by the judges, guests and participating creators.

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