Noritake Kinashi has been appointed as the special navigator for “TOKYO LIGHTS 2023”!

At the opening show of the International Projection Mapping Competition, under the supervision of GReeeeN, who serves as the official ambassador, we will be performing projection mapping to a 4-song medley!

The Festival of Lights, which will be held for the third time this year, will be held from Friday, September 8th to Sunday, September 10th, 2023 at the Meijijingu Gaien Seitoku Memorial Picture Gallery and the Meijijingu Gaien Softball Stadium. It has been decided that entertainer and artist Noritake Kinashi will be appointed as the special navigator for “TOKYO LIGHTS 2023”.
As a special navigator, Noritake Kinashi will share the appeal of his TOKYO LIGHTS 2023 from an artist’s perspective at the media press preview on Thursday, September 7th.
In addition, under the supervision of GReeeeN, who serves as the official ambassador of “TOKYO LIGHTS 2023,” a projection mapping show using light and video will be held during the opening performance, with a 4-song medley.
*GReeeeN himself will not be appearing from September 8th (Friday) to September 10th (Sunday), 2023.

▼ “TOKYO LIGHTS 2023” special navigator “Noritake Kinashi” profile information

Born in Tokyo in 1962. He formed the comedy duo “TUNNELS” with his high school classmate Takaaki Ishibashi.
He won the Grand Prix in 10 weeks on NTV’s “The Birth of a Comedy Star”. He has been in charge of numerous variety shows such as “All Night Fuji” and “Thanks to the TUNNELS”.
He is also active as a singer and has participated in NHK’s “Kohaku Utagassen” four times under three different names. He is also active in a wide range of other fields, including acting and hosting, and is also active as a painter, with his own atelier. He has held 9 solo exhibitions in Japan so far. (A total of 1.22 million people attended 35 venues) He also had success in overseas solo exhibitions in New York, USA, and London, UK.

 ▼ At the opening show, a 4-song medley and projection mapping will be performed under the supervision of GReeeeN!

Under the supervision of GReeeeN, who serves as the official ambassador of “TOKYO LIGHTS 2023,” collaborations with kids dancers were also realized. Four songs, “Starlight Yell,” “Midoriiro,” “WONDERFUL,” and “Bokura no Monogatari” will be used in conjunction with projection mapping to create a “sense of beginning.”
We will embody this year’s concept of “LINK” by expressing the feeling of “shining light and connecting” through the passionate message and video contained in the song, and the performance of the kids dancers.

▼ You can travel through a world of light with an extraordinary feeling at “Festival of Light Area”

At the Meijijingu Gaien Softball Stadium, a “Festival of Light” will be held that combines light art and music. Here, advanced entertainment is arranged as if you were traveling through an extraordinary world of light, and you can enjoy a wide variety of experiences throughout the area. Minoru Fujimoto of MPLUSPLUS, who worked on LED productions at the opening ceremonies of international events as a “choreographer of light”, Shuhei Matsuyama of THINK AND SENSE, and other top creators such as dod and PRISM have joined forces to create a new world of light. Create a festival.
The production concept is “LINK TOKYO”. We will connect the charms of Tokyo illuminated in various lights and communicate its future and happiness to the world.
Additionally, artist Ray Kunimoto is in charge of composing the theme song for the entire area. It creates an intimate connection between the audience viewing the area and listening to the music, and the space in which the work itself is located. In addition, IMAGICA EEX Inc., which utilizes advanced video technology and cutting-edge technology to create unprecedented live entertainment and new experience spaces, will produce the entire area.
In addition to an immersive entertainment space that combines art and real performances in an immersive space that boldly utilizes the venue, you can also enjoy food and drinks.


huge LED wall will be installed at the entrance to welcome visitors. By being surrounded by high-brightness and immersive images, you can experience the feeling of stepping into another world.

@Yoshikazu Inoue ©️MPLUSPLUS@Yoshikazu Inoue ©️MPLUSPLUS




A light stage inspired by Tokyo’s skyscrapers and subway lines. Dancers “M++DANCERS” wearing uniquely developed LED costumes will present cutting-edge performances.


A nighttime playground for children with interactive programs. A circle chases me, disappears, shines. It is a safe, barrier-free space with no uneven surfaces where children can run around as hard as they can.

イメージCGImage CG


We offer cutting-edge immersive experiences linked to Tokyo. Shuhei Matsuyama of THINK AND SENSE has created a park at night in Tokyo where people can spend their time in their own way.

イメージCGImage CG

【Eating and drinking area】

We will be collaborating with RED U-35, one of Japan’s largest young chef competitions, to sell bento boxes and set up a kitchen truck. The chef behind the bento boxes is Kazutoyo Inoue, head chef of the Chinese restaurant Szechwan Restaurant Chen Shibuya (Tokyo). The traditional Japanese dish “Nanban” has been adapted to specifications unique to Tokyo, and we will be selling two items: “Sibi Kara Chicken Nanban Bento” (1,500 yen) and “Refreshing Lychee Pudding” (500 yen). For the “Sibi Kara Tori Nanban Bento”, we plan to use Tokyo GAP vegetables, which is an abbreviation for “Good Agricultural Practice” and has the meaning of “Good Agricultural Initiatives”. In addition, by highlighting ingredients and cooking methods that have a “glossy” feel, such as paprika and sauce, we will express “light”, an important word of the event.
The person in charge of cooking in the kitchen car is Masato Tamamizu, the chef of Wine Restaurant Le Conte, which opened in Fuchu in March 2022. He will be selling “TOKYO GYUDON SANDWICH2 (1,000 yen), which was inspired by “Gyudon”, one of the world’s most famous Japanese foods, and devised in a French style. We use Tokyo beef to serve mouth-watering dishes with a focus on spiciness and sourness. We also sell “Tokyo Vegetable Ratatouille Red Plum Vinegar Finish (Cold)” (500 yen), which is a Japanese version of the southern French specialty ratatouille. The red plum is reminiscent of the Japanese flag, and is finished with vegetables grown by farmers in the Tama area of Tokyo.

 ▶ Kazutoyo Inoue Profile

Born on August 13th, 1981 in Akita Prefecture.
Head chef of the Chinese restaurant Szechwan Restaurant Chen Shibuya (Tokyo).
In 2001, he joined Sichuan Hotel. He was assigned to “Szechwan Restaurant Chen” (Tokyo).
He has supported the store from the time it opened until now. He has competed in numerous competitions and won numerous awards, including the gold medal in the hot dishes and seafood category at the 2004 All-Japan Chinese Cooking Competition for Young Chefs.

 ▶Masato Tamamizu Profile

Born June 1st, 1986 in Mie Prefecture. Graduated from the food preparation department at Aika High School, known as the “high school restaurant”. He trained at Le Bamboche in Ise City and is a department chef at France’s 2-star Lepre. After working at Daikanyama Recte and Toranomon Sanmi, he became the chef at LE CONTE. He is qualified as a cosmetics concierge and beauty nutrition advisor, and advocates cooking that is gentle on the body.

▼TOKYO LIGHTS 2023 summary

Venue:Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery and Rubber-ball Baseball Ground at Meijijingu Gaien (1-1 Kasumigaoka-machi, Shinjuku-ku)

Date and Schedule
International Competition:
Sept.8th (Fri)〜Sept.10th (Sun) Doors open 18:00/Close 21:00
Sept.8th〜9th: International Competition (2 sessions a day) 1st session 18:30-19:20/2nd session 20:00-20:50
Sept.10th: International Competition / Awards Ceremony 19:00-20:50 (only 1 session)
Festival of Lights
Sept.8th (Fri)〜Sept.10th (Sun) Doors open 18:00/Close 21:00

Official site:

*Tickets must be reserved in advance to enter.
*This event is expected to attract a total of approximately 30,000 people over three days, including the Festival of Lights area.
*We are promoting HTT initiatives by covering the electricity used on the day from in-house power generation using biofuel, fuel cell vehicles (FCV), etc.

About the details of each day

※There might be some updates

<Sept.8th (Fri)>
1st session 18:30~19:20
GReeeeN Opening Ceremony
International Competition Finalists (20 works)
Invited guests Special Work (2 works)
2nd session 20:00~20:50
GReeeeN Opening Ceremony
International Competition Finalists (20 works)
Invited guests Special Work (2 works)

<Sept.9th (Sat)>
1st session 18:30~19:20
GReeeeN Opening Ceremony
International Competition Finalists (20 works)
Invited guests Special Work (2 works)
2nd session 20:00~20:50
GReeeeN Opening Ceremony
International Competition Finalists (20 works)
Invited guests Special Work (2 works)

<Sept.10th (Sun) 19:00~20:50
GReeeeN Opening Ceremony
International Competition Finalists (20 works)
Invited guests Special Work (2 works)
Award Ceremony

▼ Ticket types

To enter TOKYO LIGHTS 2023 and view each performance, you will need one of the following tickets in advance. Please note that ticket sales will end once the capacity is reached.
【Ticket A】International Competition Viewing Area + Festival of Light Area 1,790 tickets per session
This ticket is required to enter the Festival of Lights area and to watch the “1minute Projection Mapping Competition” held in front of the Seitoku Memorial Picture Gallery in the viewing area.
【Ticket B】Festival of Light Area 10 000 people a day
ou can enter the Festival of Lights area. Admission is free. You cannot enter the international convention viewing area.
※All tickets are online tickets with QR codes. You will need to present your smartphone or other device at the time of admission.

▼ About the price

For purchasing, please visit the URL below.
※TOKYO LIGHTS 2023 Nov. BLUE (main project: International Competition Winners exhibition) is scheduled to be held in November.

We look forward to seeing many of you!

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