Information on: the 2 invited artists, the opening show supervised by GReeeeN, the 20 finalist works screened at the Meijijingu Gaien Shotoku Memorial Picture Gallery from September 8th to 10th.

We will be inviting two groups of creators: AVA Animation & Visual Arts, active at the forefront of the industry as an invited artist around the world, and László Zsolt Bordos, one of the pioneers of projection mapping and a heavyweight in the industry.

The two sets of works will be screened at the Meijijingu Gaien Seitoku Memorial Picture Gallery along with the opening show supervised by GReeeeN and the 20 finalists of the international competition for three days from September 8th (Friday) to September 10th (Sunday). .

昨年度の招待作家作品上映の様子Screening of works by invited artists last year

▼ Works introduction of invited artists

◆ AVA Animation & Visual Arts (Canada)

作品タイトル:Eudaimonia(ユーダイモニア)Work Title: Eudaimonia

Work Concept:
“Eudaimonia” is a word that means happiness. We are all connected in this world and every action has a reaction. All humans, plants and animals have a purpose and we all depend on and influence each other in invisible ways. We imagine invisible connections and express their mechanisms as complex puzzles like dominoes. We visualized how good actions create a positive and captivating chain reaction, making happiness contagious and changing the color of the world.

Canadian-based animation studio whose philosophy is to “deliver joy to people through experience and visuals.” Their pop and gorgeous visuals boast a high degree of creativity, and they are active internationally as a comprehensive production company that also combines technical knowledge.

◆ László Zsolt Bordos (Hungary)

作品タイトル:reshape(リシェイプ)Work Title: reshape

Work Concept:
“Reshape” refers to the possibility of changing the appearance of a building by projecting images onto it. Using the light of a projector, images can be virtually reshaped, changing the way buildings are viewed and experienced through projection, bringing new interpretations and contexts. Just as light transforms space, I use images to transform architecture. To enhance that experience, the work synchronizes audio and animation to stimulate both the auditory and visual senses at the same time.

Since 2000, he has been creating works using projection mapping. His abstract 3D animation and unprecedented projection mapping work has earned him recognition as one of the pioneers of this genre. In 2020-2021, he co-founded the Art Of Light Organization (ALO) and launched the Light Art Manifesto.

◆Sept.8th (Fri)~Sept.10th (Sun) Projection Program

Opening projection mapping show supervised by GReeeeN

Collaboration with dancers was also realized under the supervision of GReeeeN, who is the official ambassador of “TOKYO LIGHTS 2023”. Four songs, “Starlight Yell,” “Midoriiro,” “WONDERFUL,” and “Bokura no Monogatari” will be used in conjunction with projection mapping to create a “sense of beginning”.

Finalists 20 works

1minute Projection Mapping Competition 2023 recorded the highest number of entries ever. The 20 works that survived the fierce competition and were selected as finalists will be projected at the Seitoku Memorial Picture Gallery. This year, there are also many entries that use AI, so keep an eye out for these new expressions.
Please be sure to watch the heated video competition that will determine this year’s world number one.

Special works by two invited artists
You can view works by two groups of invited artists who have received high international acclaim. Their advanced projection mapping technology and stunning visual beauty will make the international competition an even more profound and high-quality show.


“TOKYO LIGHTS”, which started in 2021, is a light event that sends messages for the future as a new feature of Tokyo. One of the world’s largest international projection mapping competition “1minute Projection Mapping Competition” will be held as the main content of TOKYO LIGHTS .
The word “LIGHTS” in TOKYO LIGHTS has various meanings, such as “vision” indicating future possibilities, “innovativeness” indicating expressive technology, “human resources” who will be responsible for the future, and “community” that nurtures and gathers them.
We will collect these “lights” and use their chemical reactions to send a shining message of hope from Tokyo to the world.

 ▼ TOKYO LIGHTS 2023 summary

Venue:Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery and Rubber-ball Baseball Ground at Meijijingu Gaien (1-1 Kasumigaoka-machi, Shinjuku-ku)

Date and Schedule
International Competition:
Sept.8th (Fri)〜Sept.10th (Sun) Doors open 18:00/Close 21:00
Sept.8th〜9th: International Competition (2 sessions a day) 1st session 18:30-19:20/2nd session 20:00-20:50
Sept.10th: International Competition / Awards Ceremony 19:00-20:50 (only 1 session)
Festival of Lights
Sept.8th (Fri)〜Sept.10th (Sun) Doors open 18:00/Close 21:00

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