1minute Projection Mapping Competition / TOKYO LIGHTS 2022 General comment


Following the first competition held in 2021 at a new venue in the capital city of Tokyo, the second version was held this September. Unfortunately, due to a major typhoon, the competition was held only on the first day. All of our staff involved are truly sorry to all the creators who participated in the competition and to those who were looking forward to visiting the venue.

Then, this time the theme for the content production was “LIFE”, a theme which made us think in light of recent trends. The submitted works were full of thoughts, feelings and messages from their creators.
In this era of diverse senses of values and changes, the audience, judges and the finalists who participated were deeply impressed by many works that seemed to embody those elements. The technical level of the contents was also extremely high and the presentations of projection mapping were expanding, even more with a transition period very stimulating.

The deliberations by the 8 judges were even more heated than usual and the discussions lasted for a long time. All the works that made it to the finals were splendid and it was a very difficult task to score, evaluate and rank them. Since those deliberations were rigorous, on behalf of the judges, we will introduce the award-winning works and summarized the simple evaluation points.

“Elemental constructions” from EPER DIGITAL (Hungary)

The work “Elemental constructions” by the team EPER DIGITAL (from Hungary) won the GRAND PRIZE (TOKYO GOVERNOR PRIZE). This work is different from the image of projection mapping so far, and left a fresh surprise as well as a strong impression on many people.
Synchronized with the music, the primary colors (red, blue and yellow) and the simple expressions in 3DCG (3DComputer Graphics) kept the audience excited and fascinated.
Simple colors and shapes gradually get mixed together, and it seems that those senses of values gradually melted together to create a single world view. Various opinions were exchanged between the judges regarding the weak exhibition of the theme “LIFE”. Finally, with its level of completion, it has been evaluated for its highly, fresh expression that touched the hearts of many people and for making appreciate the theme even in its abstractness.

“Owari (終) ・Tsuzuku(続)” from DecideKit (Thailand)

The team DecideKit (from Thailand) won both awards: SECOND PRIZE / TOKYO LIGHTS PRIZE and the AUDIENCE PRIZE with the work “Owari (終) ・Tsuzuku(続)”.
This work was highly acclaimed in all aspects for the clear story on the theme with a skilled video production technology and composition. Centered on the metamorphosis of insects, life is born and the cycle of flapping its wings is depicted.
The entire building becomes a cocoon of life and the way it emerges and flaps its wings is so beautiful that it slowly permeates the hearts of the people who see it.

“Mutate / Evolve” from RESORB (Germany)

The team RESORB (from Germany) won the JURY PRIZE (Special Jury Prize) with the work “Mutate / Evolve” in which AI algorithm generates a life form mutating, and melting with the building. Technically, it uses an AI technology which is still in a transitional period but the complexities intertwined and transparent visuals makes a feeling of a vivid and strong life which suggests the present era.

Tokyo Tokyo PRIZE)
“Resistance” from Kurbas Production (Ukraine)

Finally, the Tokyo Tokyo Prize has been awarded to the team Kurbas Production (from Ukraine) with their work “Resistance”. In regard to this heavy theme, no criticism of the environment was present, but it was more a soft and objective depiction with high technology, drawing a unique view of the world. In addition, it is a work that confronts the present age head-on and the attitude of trying to convey its own existence touched the hearts of many people and judges.

The above is a commentary on the prize-winners, but there were many other works that were highly evaluated and it has been difficult to decide such wonderful contents.
This time, there had been entries from 55 countries and regions, and this competitive performance of visual expressions that transcends countries and situations greatly expands the awareness of the world. It feels like having high-angle views, organizing and slowly condensing them.
Diverse senses of values sometimes look alike, sometimes differ but their forms differ, change and do exist, and the time spent in knowing and accepting them is precious.
It renews our mind of suggesting the possibility of human beings.

In the end, as I always say, this competition is supported by the creators’ motivation to participate with their works.
In order to reward those thoughts and time, we intend to create a competition where both creators and audience can exchange positive energy, and create an attractive place for artists. We would like to grow altogether with all the people involved, so we are humbly asking you for your continued participation and cooperation.
Once again, I would like to express my deep gratitude to all the creators and to everyone who cooperated this time.

1minute Projection Mapping Competition General Producer
Michiyuki Ishita

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