Presenting the finalists! – 1minute Projection Mapping in Odawara Castle

“1minute Projection Mapping” is one of the largest international projection mapping competitions in Asia that began in 2012. This is the 8th time. This time, we received 177 entries, the highest ever from 43 countries and regions. It was really hard to choose finalists from many great works.
Let’s announce the finalists!
The finalists are the 18 teams below.
※ According to entry number
※ Notation: Team name [ Title ] (Country name)

  • [ctrl_v] / [Ki] (Costa Rica)
  • DecideKit / [Hatsuyume (First Dream)] (Thai)
  • Studio Trika / [A Monument’s Dream] (India)
  • Los Romeras / [Odawara’s legacy] (Spain)
  • MotionLab / [Doors of Perception] (Romania)
  • Vali Chincișan / [Hypnagogia] (Romania)
  • Spectro Visuals / [夢の機 The Dream Machine] (Malaysia)
  • Julia Shamsheieva / [The Great Dreamer] (Ukraine)
  • Antimotion / [Insomnia] (Russia)
  • Malamí light / [Dream refinement] (Mexico)
  • RESORB / [The Past and Future] (Germany)
  • AVA Animation & Visual Arts / [Glitch] Canada/Mexico
  • __STROY / [Dream Factory] (Czech)
  • Shuka Studio / [Muysuaz] (Colombia)
  • Maxime Guislain / [A castle’s dream] Belgium
  • UVISUAL / [Story of Light] (Indonesia)
  • Encolorde / [nightingale] (China)
  • CINERHYTHM / [Requiem] (Japan)

The finalists’ works will be screened to Odawara Castle from the 20th to 23rd September 2019.
On 22nd September , the finalists’ works screen live and the winners of the Grand Prix and other awards are determined. There is a live broadcast on the same day, so please take a look.

More detailed information will be provided on the event page below.

<Event Info>

There are a great number of wonderful works from all over the world with the theme [Dream].
Please look forward to it!!

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