【Would it be problem if I post pictures and movies of work on SNS ? / 写真や動画をSNSに投稿して発信したいのですが問題ないですか?】

We’re sorry but please do not post any kinds of records before the final judge of the competition, 28 Apr 2018.
You can post or share the records (pictures and movies) released by organizer instead.
You can mention your participation in work, result of selection, and information of the competition (place, dates etc…).
Also, you can mention relative websites of the competition.




【Modification Period of your video / 作品のブラッシュアップ期間について】

If you are selected as a finalist, you can build your video again.
Modification Period is from the time announced for a finalist late March to April 10(JST).




  • Finalist announced on late March / 3月下旬にファイナリスト発表
  • Video submission by April 10(JST) / 4月10日までに映像提出

【About the contents of submitted data / 提出データの内容について】

  1. Movie data / 映像データ(Quicktime形式(Photo Jpeg, Animation,低圧縮のH264/MP4等))
  2. WAV data(BGM) of the duration same as a movie file / 映像と同じ長さのWAVデータ(BGM)
  3. Audio data of team name and title name (mp3,wav,mp4,wmv,etc…) / チーム名とタイトル名の音声データ
  4. Representative Screnn Shot Image (more than 1000 x 1000 pixels) / 作品のキャプチャー画像1点

【Summary for the projection / 投影対象の概要について】

Width: Approximately 110m / 横幅:約110m
Height: Approximately 28m / 高さ:約28m
Distance with viewers: Approximately 50m / 鑑賞者との距離:約50m
Color of building: Center part – white, Surrounding – brownish, Roof – dark gray (Please refer to the image)
※As for the brownish and gray parts, the looking of the color will be reduced to half when works are projected.

【Area of image projection to building / 映像が投影される範囲について】

※Please check with the attached template image. / 画像と照らし合わせてご確認ください

  1. The RED area is possible to project. / 赤いエリアは映ります
  2. The BLUE area is hard to project. / 青いエリアはあまり映りません
  3. The GREEN area is NOT for projecting. / 緑のエリアは映りません
  4. The YELLOW area is possible to project. / 黄色のエリアは映ります

【Deadlines for posting video data / 作品投稿と期限について】

Go to the site below, and fill in the items of “Work Data Submission Form” by February 28 (JST).
Please submit the final data, not for preview.
※We hope the deadline is Japan time(GMT + 9).




<Work data submission form / 作品データ投稿フォーム>