(9/22) The event will be held today!

The 『1minute Projection Mapping in Odawara Castle』will be held as planned today.
However, for the special stage performance『EL SQUAD』, as they are doing a light performance, the performance might be cancelled in case it rains.
Although that, there won’t be any partial refund of the ticket price.
We hope you understand.

[About the on-site ticket sales] The first ( start at 18:30) has been sold out.
The second ( start at 19:50), there are still a limited amount of tickets left, so get it fast before it runs out.

[In case if it rains] You can watch with an umbrella, but we do recommend using a rain coat so that it will be easier to watch with.
The temperature may drop at night as well, so do wear something warm.

We are looking forward to welcoming you.

About the author: pmaj_1minute_en