“1minute projection mapping in Huis Ten Bosch” has finished. / 無事終了しました

“1 minute projection mapping competition in Huis Ten Bosch” which became the sixth one had the last screening of June 3 and finished smoothly. This international competition was held over a long period of 86days from March 10 to June 3. We wish to express our deepest thanks to all the visitors, the participants and all other people involved.

We are currently working on preparations for the next international competition, and would like to announce it by the summer. We aim to make this next competition more attractive so that as many creators as possible can participate. We would most appreciate if creators participate in the “1 minute projection mapping competition” continuously and can raise it together.

Thank you for your continuous cooperation.

第6回目となる「1minute projection mapping in ハウステンボス」は、6月3日の最終上映をもちまして無事に終了いたしました。今回の国際コンペティションは、3月10日から5月20日で終了予定のところを、好評により6月3日まで延長となり86日間もの長期に渡って開催いたしました。

引き続きクリエイターの皆様には、この「1minute projection mapping」という企画にご参加いただき、一緒に育てていただけたら幸いです。


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