“1 minute projection mapping in Huis Ten Bosch” Term of showing extended!! / 上映延長決定!!

「FlyingEmotions 」 by 【Maxin10sity】 from 《Hungary》

「 Dogu Trip 」 by 【Euro Video Mapping】 from 《Germany》

“1 minute projection mapping in Huis Ten Bosch” started showing in last March. And we had final judge and ceremony on 28th April. Top6 works were awarded.
We are very proud to announce that thanks for the support of many audiences the term of showing was extended. It was to finish 20th May, but it will continue till 3rd June.
Especially, original works of guest juries’ are fantastic. It was on the show only once in the ceremony, so this is the big chance you’ll check.
This is very rare and valuable opportunity let you see the various works created by World’s creators.
We hope to see you in Huis Ten Bosch.

3月より上映を開始し、作品の審査と並行しながら多くの人に感動と興奮を届けた”1 minute projection mapping in ハウステンボス”。

ゲスト審査員として来日したMaxin10sityとEuro Video Mappingの特別作品の上映期間が、「延長」されることとなりました!



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