Okinawa Symphony 2020 in National Theater Okinawa

“Okinawa Symphony 2020 in National Theater Okinawa” where you can experience the new OKINAWA with the overwhelming power of projection mapping and sound.

As a project to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting, it will be held for 3 days from December 25th to 27th at the end of the year.

This event is a super-large event organized by COLORs CREATION Co., Ltd., which was established with the purpose of further strengthening the creative side of PMAJ.

The original Okinawa-themed symphony and symphonic projection mapping are unprecedented masterpieces that exceed about 27 minutes in total. Immerse yourself in a special world that can only be experienced in Okinawa.

This year’s big event is suitable for ending a turbulent year.

Musician Hideaki Takahashi and an artist related to Okinawa are in charge of composition, and 4 top creators of 1minute Projection Mapping award winners (belonging to COLORs CREATION Co., Ltd.) are in charge of video production. Comprehensively produced by Creative Director Miyuki Ishida (Representative of Projection Mapping Association of Japan/ CEO of COLORs CREATION Co., Ltd.)

Please stay tuned!

Participating creators

■ Maxime Guislain (Belgium)

■ Li Cheng (China)


■ Decide Kit (Thailand)

Tickets are on sale today!

This event is subject to the GoTo event and can be purchased at 20% off the regular price.

Don’t miss this great opportunity! Meet us Okinawa at the end of this year!

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Ticket sales overview

◆ Ticket sale date: 11/20 (Friday) 10:00 am-until 16:10 on the day of each performance

◆ Ticket agency: Okinawa FamilyMart stores CN play guide (web / Fami port)

◆ Fee: 1,440 yen / sheet * GOTO event applied (regular fee: 1800 yen)

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