Live streaming of 「Okinawa Symphony 2020 in National Theater Okinawa」

Japan’s largest Projection Mapping「Okinawa Symphony 2020 in National Theater Okinawa」which will be held from Dec 25th-27th, 2020 will have a live streaming on the 27th. For those who can’t make it to the venue, do enjoy the live streaming!

■ Event Outline:
A Lively Projection Mapping show with the theme about Okinawa, Japan. Overall Production is by Creative Director Michiyuki Ishita. The magnificent 4 movements of the “Okinawa Symphony” is an original song by the internationally active musician Hideaki Takahashi. The impressive video contents to each movement which brings you from the history of Okinawa, to the war and the future of Okinawa are by 4 artists ( Maxime Guslain (Belgium), Li Cheng (China), FLIGHTGRAF(Japan), DecideKit (Thailand)) who are part of COLORs CREATION Co. Ltd. who had participated in the 1minute Projection Mapping Competition as well.

Livestream Date & Time : 2020/12/27(sun) 19:00~21:00 ( GMT + 9 )
Venue : National Theatre Okinawa
Official Site :
※ as 3D sound viewing is possible, we recommend using wired headphones / earphones

Dec 27th (Sun), 19:00 ~ ( GMT + 9 ) Japanese Time

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