Announcement of Finalist of the 1minute Projection Mapping in Tokyo!

The 9th edition of 1minute Projection Mapping, has become a very high-profile tournament because it will be held in the capital Tokyo after being postponed for one year because of Covid-19. We received 246 entries from 54 countries and regions, the highest recorded number of entries ever with many higher-level works gathered compared to the 2019 Odawara tournament. Because of that, the judging was very difficult, but we are ready to announce the selected finalist works.

The list below are the 19 works that are chosen as the finalist.
※List by : Team Name “Title” (Country Name)

Romera Diseño e infografia SL (Los Romeras) “Alegria”(Spain)

[Hz] Giovanni Zapata & Andrés García “OBSIDIANA”(Ecuador)

Felix Frank “Arco Iris”(Germany)

motordrive “purification”(Japan)

Subjeck x Yan “Matsuri Blooming”(Thailand)

AVA Animation & Visual Arts Inc. “Brave”(Canada)

01iMAGE / Noguchi Kazunobu “ジダイノテ Hands of New Age ”(Japan)

iineStudio (Guillaume Pinto) “Humanity ‘s Savior – 人類の救世主” (Japan/France)

Parapluie Studio “Ginkgotaro”(Thailand)

BOX “PerseverancE”(Vietnam)


Alex Bianciardi, FullFrames “the Thousand Paper Cranes”(Italy)


DecideKit “Red Ball”(Thailand)


EVM ART “Cyber Future”(Ukraine)

Rebel Overlay Ltd “Hold On, Pain Ends”(United Kingdom)

GolemKlonVIII “Dum Spiro Spero -Get up-”(Germany)

MØJØ Studio “KØNTRAST”(Portugal)

The finalist works will be screened at the Meiji Jingu Gaien Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery from Dec. 9th – 12th, 2021, and the Grand Prix will be decided at the public screening on Dec. 12th.

We will also broadcast it live on youtube on Dec 12th,2021 , so please look forward to it.

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