Publication of the Finalists!!



“1 minute projection mapping competition” is the only international competition of top creator’s expression of 1-minute projection mapping movie.
This year’s competition has been held in the longest term and the biggest place, and attracted 123 entries from 39 countries and regions.
Finally, we will announce the 16 finalists to the last stage!!

The finalists of this year are listed below.

※Projection order
※Description:Registration Name「Title」(Country)

  • Maabee「Friction」(Japan)
  • Filip Roca「The Last Blossom」(Spain / Montenegro)
  • AVA Animation & Visual Arts「Luna」(Mexico)
  • Niculin Barandun「Tane」(Swiss)
  • Los Romeras「Light Rhapsody」(Spain)
  • Viktor Lukacs「Abstract Reality」(Hungary)
  • Decide Kit Co., Ltd.「SMILE」(Thailand)
  • FAB Asia「Masks」(Hong Kong)
  • Antaless Visual Design「ArchiLymph」(Italy)
  • OCUBO CRIATIVO 「Seasons」(Portugal)
  • Sunnana inc.「月華天昇 – gekka tensho –」(Japan)
  • VJ Reinish「Elements of Life」(Ukraine)
  • Jakub Zuscin「Becoming」(Slovakia)
  • Lzy Visual – Esa Perkasa Novesada「Dasamuka – The Ten Faces」(Indonesia)
  • Hotaru Visual Guerrilla「Asagao」(Spain)

Creators are now working on improving their works in preparation for the final judge on 28th April.
Those improved works will be put on the show in a new lineup from 19th April.

And in the final judge meeting on 28th April, some prizes including Grand Prix will be given to the selected finalists.
Audiences will vote, and the live viewing of the meeting will be distributed to the world.

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Movie ⇒
Filip Roca「The Last Blossom」(Spain / Montenegro)

Movie ⇒

Movie ⇒
AVA Animation & Visual Arts「Luna」(Mexico)

Movie ⇒
Niculin Barandun「Tane 」(Swiss)

Movie ⇒
Los Romeras「Light Rhapsody」(Spain)

Movie ⇒
Viktor Lukacs「Abstract Reality」(Hungary)

Movie ⇒
Decide Kit Co., Ltd.「SMILE」(Thailand)

Movie ⇒
FAB Asia「Masks」(Hong Kong)

Movie ⇒
Antaless Visual Design「ArchiLymph」(Italy)

Movie ⇒
OCUBO CRIATIVO 「Seasons」(Portugal)

Movie ⇒
Sunnana inc.「月華天昇 – gekka tensho –」(Japan)

Movie ⇒
VJ Reinish「Elements of Life」(Ukraine)

Movie ⇒
Jakub Zuscin「Becoming」(Slovakia)

Movie ⇒
Lzy Visual – Esa Perkasa Novesada「Dasamuka – The Ten Faces」(Indonesia)

Movie ⇒
Hotaru Visual Guerrilla「Asagao」(Spain)

Movie ⇒

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