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・General Commnets (English)

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1 minute projection mapping in Huis Ten Bosch General Comments

We, Projection Mapping Association in Japan, held international video mapping competition for 6 times in Japan. And this year’s competition was a new challenge for us for holding in a huge amusement park in long term.

We greatly thank all of your participating in our competition over the year, and thank for all of great works created our competition together.

There were several steps to the final judge. We chose 38works from all entries with watching the video in the first screening.
In the second screening, their works were projected on the façade of the Palace and we selected 16works for finalist.
There are many high qualified and various types of works in this year’s competition.
And we invited world famous visual creators as guest juries to help our decision of awards.

Formally, we would like to make general comments about this competition and to announce the result as a representative of juries.

The theme of this year’s competition was “HANA (Flower/Luxury)”.
First of all, it was quite difficult decision to select finalist from 38 works passed the first screening.
Actually there were plenty of works as excellent as finalist works, but we have to cut many of them standing in the view of “variety of works”. It was totally pains us to do that.

Because of the wide range of characters of works, juries also had to discuss hotly what was the main point of deciding the awards in the final judge meeting.
The final 16 works were equally excellent, and they have each strong point. There were some differences of opinion in juries , it took a long time to select the awards.

We prepared 5 awards in the beginning, but we decided to add one more Jury’s Prize and to award 6 works and artist at last.

As impression, we think it is remarkable that there were 3 teams from Spain in finalist with majestic and artistic presence, and that masks or faces were placed just in the center of the façade of Palace in many works.

The screen for this time was the façade of Palace Huis Ten Bosch, is brick made and 28meters high × 110meters wide. How the artists make the best use of this long sideways? How they describe the difference of colors in brick, roof and white façade? Those points such as integrity of video or sensation in live were also important points of decision.

Also, it was meaningful factor of improvement of the competition that there were many challenging works. We greatly admire for those artists who challenge the new style of expression or concept without imitating well-known style. This is quite important attitude as an artist.

Now we would like to make some comments about each works of 16 finalists.

Grand Prize
「ArchiLymph」Antaless Visual Design(Italy)

Among those high-qualified works, “ArchiLympht” by Antaless Visual Design from Italy was awarded for the Grand Prize.
Video making, technical point of mapping direction and balance of composition was brilliant, and they got the highest score in jury’s judge. All of juries agreed to award it for Grand Prize.
In other word, it could be a kind of standard work of projection mapping. But, it was highly completed and had a good rhythm of scene direction. Audiences in the place were fascinated with the spectacle work.
The lack of explanation for the theme came up in the discussion as a weak point, and it seems they used too much 3D animation effects in later half of the work.
However, because of it contained enough integrity and skill of composition in 1 minute to cover those lacks, this work was splendidly awarded the Grand Prize.
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Semi Grand Prize

「Luna」AVA Animation & Visual Arts(Mexico)

We awarded the semi Grand Prize for very beautiful work, “Luna” by AVA Animation & Visual Arts from Mexico.
They skillfully combined the theme “HANA” and their originality of color and described fantastic scenery of palace under the moonlight. The description of evanescence in the moonlight was also enchanting.
Actually, we took the longest time to decide the Semi Grand Prize. The sensitive beauty of this work could be the weakness of presence among the finalist works.
Also, I guess it would be more effective for the strong impression of the work that CG images appeared in the scene should be more meaningful and connected to the whole story.
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Special Juries’ Prise

「Asagao」Hotaru Visual Guerrilla(Spain)

As a result of difficult decision, we selected 2 works for the Jury’s Prize.
The first one is very artistic work, “Asagao” by Hotaru Visual Guerilla from Spain.
Compared with the top 2 works, it had quite simple expression and concept. It means the clearness of their art and change the architecture into a strong art which remains deeply in mind of audiences.
We could find many artistic works in this competition, but this work was highly completed in point of pursued quality and harmony with the architecture.
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Special Juries’ Prise

FAB Asia「Masks」(Hong Kong)

The other one is “Masks” by FAB Asia from Hong Kong. As the title shows, this is the story about two masks. Their encounter begins the story and finally the flower blooms.
As the most impressive work among the awarded works, it was highly evaluated in the juries’ meeting.
However, the image of masks was too emphasized to connect the image of flower at last. It would be more unified work if the connection between them were smoothly.
And juries said it was little bit too dark for the competition opened for public.
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Special Huis Ten Bosch Prize

「Light Rhapsody」Los Romeras(Spain)

“Light Rhapsody” by Los Romeras which awarded to Special Huis Ten Bosch Prize showed various expression in short time and totally directed the whole scent to unite one concept.
Especially, the beginning scene in which the blue and pink flower blooms from darkness was very impressive and described the moment of flow of beautiful atmosphere.
It succeeded to emphasize the existence and unique concept using the classical based music.
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Audience Prize

「SMILE」Decide Kit Co., Ltd.(Thailand)

Audience in the place voted mostly to “SMILE” by Decide Kit from Thailand.
It begins with Asian gorgeous designed scene, and after that the railway train bring flowers with Japanese SHAMISEN music. It was totally dynamic and entertaining work.
The total direction using ORIGAMI and the last scene with Japanese word “HAJIMEMASHITE” (means “Nice to meet you.”) were very unique and entertained audience in the place.

The above are all prize winners’ works.
The 16 works selected as the finalist were all amazing, but 10 works narrowly missed out on winning the prize this time. We would like to introduce them with some comments.
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OCUBO CRIATIVO 「Seasons」(Portugal)

First of all, I would like to showcase “Seasons” by OCUBO CRIATIVO from Portugal.
This work was defiant and was highly evaluated by the juries. In these days of the CG height of prosperity, the direction that a real flower goes totally against CG and colorful liquid drips down along the building was very innovative and drew jury’s interest strongly.
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One of the two Japanese works which were selected as the finalist, “Friction” by Maabee was a fast-paced work with full of the nature of entertainment and was highly popular among the audience. The opening scene where a color spreads the whole building from being colorless was very impressive and beautiful. However, I think that it would be a better work by presenting their view of the world and the uniqueness through the work.
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Filip Roca「The Last Blossom」(Spain / Montenegro)

“The Last Blossom” by Filip Roca was a monochrome-based delicate, artistic work. It was such a poetic and beautiful work which was as if one flower bloomed suddenly strong from snow and the next moment it disappeared fleetingly with showing a subtle red color. It left a strong impression in the last scene by sharpening the work simply towards the finale.
・Movie ⇒


“LIL LIFE” by SKG Media was a consummate work as entertainment with many expressions that was full of variations. The direction as if the whole building was dynamic in conjunction with powerful music was introduced. As the work gave the impression of being packed with expression, I think that the work could be able to show its presence more if they had arranged their expression contents and had pursued the composition.
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Niculin Barandun「Tane 」(Swiss)

“Tane” by Niculin Baradun was a simple and defiant work with clear concept and the core.
The direction that a seed extends roots to the ground and the roots erodes the whole building powerfully, finally flowers bloom. It was very impressive and put an organic plant and building together well. The strength that a plant grows up was developed into building vertically and horizontally and very 3D expression was accomplished.
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Viktor Lukacs「Abstract Reality」(Hungary)

“Abstract Reality” by Viktor Lukacs was the work which included powerful direction abundantly to be able to be called a characteristic and the powerful charm of the projection mapping by moving the building dynamically. I think if the scene of visual scene that was put in the middle of the work was able to have expressed an effective connection in nature in overall composition, the characteristics of the work would be improved.
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Sunnana inc.「月華天昇 – gekka tensho –」(Japan)

“月華天昇— gekka tensho” by Sunnana inc. was the moon-themed work of the Japanese team. It was poetic and emotional, and has combine very Japanese-style beauty and fragility. It attracted many audiences with synergy of the music that a piano and a soft vocal were attached to. In addition, the direction to be studded with letters in the middle of the work was defiant and the sobering moment suggesting an animated cartoon was exquisite. It became a pleasant work. I think that it would be a work with depth if they took a further development from the beautiful visual like kaleidoscope of the latter half.
・Movie ⇒

VJ Reinish「Elements of Life」(Ukraine)

”Elements of Life” by VJ Reinish was very unique and was excellent in texture although being simple. When the direction made a little more effective use of the building and the interest of the expression entered in the latter half, the richness of the work would increase and lead to the presence and the work characteristics.
・Movie ⇒

Jakub Zuscin「Becoming」(Slovakia)

”Becoming” by Jakub Zuscin was the work of the youngest and the only student finalist of this time. It was a work with a very unique way of seeing the world and with the atmosphere, and the making image which made a deep impression on us was done. If some developments or some changes were introduced a little more somewhere, I think that the strong personality of the work and the work characteristics would be enhanced.
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Lzy Visual – Esa Perkasa Novesada「Dasamuka – The Ten Faces」(Indonesia)

”Dasamuka- The Ten Faces” by Lzy Visual was the work using masks of Japan and Indonesia. It adopted various directions and was musically interesting. The changes and the movement of the masks, and the scene where the visual and the movements of the building changed were very impressive. The last scene where a beautiful androgynous face that wore plants appears gave the depth as the work while improving the completion degree.
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In fact, the difference between success and failure in the selection for the finalist was imperceptible for many works. A plurality of selection criteria was set for selection such as – how much they have the consciousness to the building as projection mapping technique, composition as the work of the one-minute level, comparison with other close expression, maintaining a variation for the entire competition.
・Dose the work have a difference and the originality with other works?
・Is the work well-balanced as one work in point of completeness and worth to watch?
・Is there consciousness to map onto the building not a simple image in the work?
I think that these points may serve as a reference for future participants of the competition.

We are now working on our next competition and would like to make the announcement by this summer. We hope creators as many as possible to participate in this next competition. Therefore, we aim for the productive contents and quality for the competition including an attractive venue selection, a quality template, hospitality at the time of the arrival, the opportunity of interaction for creators in all the staff.
We are most appreciated if you could continue participating in this 1 minute projection mapping project and foster it together.

Michiyuki ISHITA
1 minute projection mapping
Projection Mapping Association of Japan

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